Ghosts Season 2 Review: Is There Going to Be a Season 3 of Ghosts?

The next three episodes of 2023 are a welcome return to the show’s laugh-out-loud, comedic spirit, with much of that enhanced by the directorial charm of Oscar-winning filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry, who directs the first two episodes premiering in January.

Its front-facing magnetism relies on the playful ensemble led by Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar – and they do it with ease alongside Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Sheila Carrasco, Richie Moriarty, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, and Rebecca Ferguson.

In Thursday’s all-new episode “The Perfect Assistant,” written by Lauren Bridges, viewers will meet one of Woodstone B&B’s newest residents, Freddie (Mike Lane), whose desire to open his own bed-and-breakfast prompted him to apply for the position of assistant to Sam (McIver) and Jay Arondekar (Aronda Esmail) (Ambudkar).

Even though Freddie is an exceptional assistant for the pair and has proven his worth to Jay through their shared adoration of Keanu Reeves, he comes with his own baggage. As Sam and the mansion’s spirits soon discover, his Toyota RAV4 is home to Jessica (Nichole Sakura), a brunch-loving, mimosa-drinking spirit with a crush on Sasappis (Zaragoza).


Elsewhere in the episode, Thorfinn (Long) tries to rescue his son Bjorn (Christian Jadah), who lives two homes down at the Farnsbys and is bullied by their 1950s housewife Judy (Lindsay Broad). Naturally, Thorfinn, with his tough guy ideas, doesn’t believe it’s as big of a problem as his kid makes it out to be and offers less-than-nice advice on how to deal with the situation.

But when one of the other ghosts chooses to intervene with their own bullying counsel while the big guy is away, things become a bit tense when he finds out. In addition, we discover a great deal about one of the house ghosts’ past.

Ghosts demonstrate that its heart is always in the right place with its plethora of messages reiterating acceptance, despite the fact that the confrontation elicits a touching conversation between the two characters that will undoubtedly leave audiences in tears and, at best, even able to identify with them.

Since its premiere in September of last year, Ghosts has presented a remarkable roster of new guest stars, but Sakura as Jessica is one of the show’s finest additions to date.

The actress, well known for her role in Superstore, imbues her character with a tremendous amount of charisma that fans will really adore. Sakura will be a frequent guest star this season with Lane, meaning their separate roles will be developed out more than those of Stephanie (“Attic Girl”), as was hinted in reports earlier this winter. In the next three episodes, however, Jessica will be interacting with spirits, while Lane’s Freddie is put to work by Sam and Jay’s confidence in him.

Lane, as the fumbling yet cute assistant, is a terrific fit for the series, since he portrays the nerdy, anxious personality to perfection. His ability to blend in through natural chemistry with McIver and Ambudkar is a testament not only to his talent but also to the casting department of Ghosts, which ensures that every choice for the series enhances its narrative and complements its vivacious talent.

Next week’s episode, “The Family Business,” starring Lane and Sakura, will provide fans with the opportunity to witness Sasappis and Jessica develop a romantic relationship.

While we do not yet know what this means for his relationship with Shiki (Crystle Lightning), the fact that he and Jessica both enjoy aromatic foods such as pizza and coffee makes them seem like a perfect match (or whatever this is…).

The addition of Jessica to Woodstone creates a fun dynamic for spectators as they are exposed to a different side of Sasappis, which is brought to life most effortlessly by Zaragoza’s revitalized zeal.

Since Season 1, viewers have witnessed the Lenape ghost’s casual, sarcastic, and eye-rolling disposition. But with Jessica now in the picture, spectators will watch the young actor go all out for a delightful, dazzling performance that is extremely rare in his on-screen counterpart and picks up brilliantly from “The Tree” episode.

Sam attempts to interfere in Freddie’s relationship with his girlfriend Beth while attempting to learn as much as possible about him. Following the Ghosts Christmas special, we observe her passion for Hallmark movies and romance once more.

Sam and her fifth-great-aunt clash, as expected, due to the fifth-great-dating aunt’s advice, much to Hetty’s (Wisocky) displeasure at growing too close to “the help.”

With the official logline from Paramount narrowing to a power struggle between the two family members as Hetty attempts to discipline Sam, the difficulties that unravel between the two speak more deeply to the layers that audiences will witness being peeled back on Hetty.

Since the first season, fans have been eager to learn more about the Woodstone patriarch’s past, and “The Family Business” will reveal why she’s so tense most of the time.

It is a beautiful performance by Wisocky and McIver that captures their on-screen chemistry so precisely and conveys what their characters represent to one another through wordless dialogue.

The touching moment these two have will leave you in tears and wishing you could give your mother a hug. At best, however, you may embrace the television since the show always makes you feel as though it is touching you back.

Ghosts Season 2 Review
Ghosts Season 2 Review

After “Alberta’s Podcast” and “The Christmas Spirit” from Ghosts Season 2, “The Family Business” is among the greatest thus far. Next week’s episode is a standout thanks to John Timothy’s brilliant writing, Cherry’s sharp direction, and, as always, the outstanding cast. In addition, fans will witness Woodstone amp up their juvenile antics, demonstrating that Sam and Jay are genuine parents to this energetic group.

While discussing the third episode of 2023 would be too spoilery and ruin the fun, take our word for it: it’s a hilarious addition to the series’ collection and a true standout.

The episode will leave fans shocked and in amazement as it delves deeper into the mythology of Woodstone’s spirits and their interactions with objects. With Port and Wiseman’s deft incorporation of Freddie and his car ghost Jessica into the Woodstone B&B this season, it’s safe to say that their addition to the series contributes to a larger, more internal arc for the remainder of Ghosts’ second season – one that fans will be ecstatic to see finally unveiled.


With ideas scattered throughout Season 1, Freddie’s lovable charm and nerdy ways officially set things in motion for some of the ghosts, and the next chapter promises to be an exciting one. We hope so, at least. Nevertheless, it will not be simple. As it keeps people on the edge of their seats at the beginning of February, it may also be initially frightening.

Ghosts continue to set the standard for network sitcoms to think broader in the world of situational comedy, thanks to its refreshing writing filled with hilarious one-liners, a dynamic ensemble, and a strong, uplifting message that lingers long after the episode has concluded.

Some episodes of the second season may have lacked the typical flavoring and appeared a touch rushed, but the series remains a comforting and fun, easy-going sitcom that never preaches its messages and continues to be an instant joy gracing primetime – demonstrating that if you’ve got it, you should haunt it!

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