Quavo Says Fans’ Perception of Saweetie Elevator Fight as ‘Abusive’ Was ‘Creepy!

Quavo is speaking out about the TMZ footage of his fight with Saweetie that was leaked.

The Migos rapper discussed the video of the former couple physically fighting in an elevator and voiced dissatisfaction with how people viewed him when it went viral in a new interview with GQ Hype.

Quavo, 31, told the site, “If I can ever talk on it, I never once in a million years want to do any harm to any lady, period. “I disagree with what people believe… They assumed the elevator thing was abusive or weird when they first saw it.”

In the one-and-a-half-minute clip, Saweetie, 29, hits Quavo in the face and throws a suitcase out of an elevator before he drags his ex-girlfriend into the elevator and falls on top of her. The video was published by TMZ in March 2021, the same month Quavo and Saweetie, 29, announced their separation.

Quavo Discusses Fans' Perception of Leaked Saweetie Elevator Fight As Saweetie struggled to push herself up and limped out of the elevator while Quavo watched, she appeared to have been lying on the floor for the whole of the film. According to TMZ, the assault happened in Saweetie’s apartment complex.

Rapper “Icy Chain,” whose real name is Diamonté Harper, discussed the incident at the time in a statement to PEOPLE.

While we have now made amends and gotten over this particular issue, she stated, “This terrible occurrence happened a year ago, and while there were simply too many other obstacles to overcome in our relationship, we have both since moved on.” “Please respect my need for privacy at this time,” he said.

Following up with a statement of his own, Quavo told PEOPLE that he had never “physically abused” Saweetie.

We went through a difficult circumstance over a year ago, but we both learned from it and moved on, he remarked. “I haven’t hurt Saweetie physically, and I’m really grateful for what we did share all together,” the speaker said.

Quavo Discusses Fans' Perception of Leaked Saweetie Elevator Fight The week before the video was made public, Saweetie hinted at adultery while confirming that she and Quavo had broken up.

“I’m a loner. I’ve been through too much hurt and betrayal behind the scenes for a false story to be spreading that diminishes my reputation “Tweets from Saweetie. “Presents don’t cover up scars, and when intimacy is shared with other women, it’s not real love.”

“I emotionally shut down a long time ago, and I now feel incredibly liberated and at peace. Looking forward to this new chapter in elevation, “In a subsequent tweet, she added.

Later on that day, Quavo tweeted, “You are not the woman I thought you were,” in response to Saweetie’s remark.

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I’ll perform my part just this once because I know you want to turn this into a play, he wrote. “I don’t typically share details about my business or personal life online. In order to prevent erroneous narratives, I feel the need to address this.”

“I loved you and was hurt when you did all that. You are not the woman I once believed you to be. I’m sending you my very best wishes “Quavo tacked on.

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