An Elderly Woman and Her Son’s Decomposing Bodies Were Found in An Apartment in New York City!

Authorities say they discovered the badly decomposed bodies of a middle-aged man and his elderly mother in their Lower East Side home this week. Law enforcement and policing sources have stated that investigators believe the 56-year-old son died first, leaving the 91-year-old mother helpless. Wednesday evening about 6:30 PM, police conducting a wellness check at the residence on Rivington Street near Norfolk Street discovered their dead, according to police and the sources.

According to police sources, the two were last seen on October 16th and haven’t been heard from since. When police went to check on the residents of the apartment on Rivington Street, near Norfolk Street, they found two dead people inside. One resident of the building told The Post on Thursday, “It’s quite frightening,” adding that he didn’t first “smell anything unusual,” but later observed “a lot of flies” on the building’s top floor.

I thought this would be a problem, he continued; “perhaps there was something dead on the roof.” Once the door was open, the odor was noticeable, he explained. What was that? It was vile and putrid. I had to sleep with the window open and the fan running all night.

According to the neighbor who requested anonymity, he had only spoken to the mother and boy twice, both times because the dog needed help climbing the stairs. He explained, “I had helped the mother with her keys once when she was having problems getting into the flat.” She appeared disoriented and disoriented. When she spoke, I had a hard time figuring out what she was saying.

The deceased woman’s daughter had reportedly asked authorities to check in on her mother and brother after hearing nothing from them for some time. The mother was discovered in the bedroom, while her son’s body was discovered on the floor by the kitchen entrance. According to a fellow tenant, the woman’s son, affectionately referred to by the monicker “Junior,” frequently gave his mother gifts, including a bulldog.

An elderly woman and her son's decomposing bodies were found in an apartment in New York City

He implied that Junior did not permanently reside in the flat, but frequented it, and admitted that he himself periodically stopped by to see how the woman was doing. When he saw her coming outdoors, he’d accompany her. “I’d take her across the street or walk her back home,” he explained. I remember bringing her back inside because it was too chilly for her to be outside in her nightgown. No, I don’t think her mind was in the best form.

He remarked, “If her son died, I can’t imagine her staying inside her apartment and not knocking on doors.” She wasn’t as helpless as it seemed. The son “was a really kind guy,” a former tenant claimed, and the woman would take good care of her spouse while he was still alive.

He really seemed to be there for the parents all the time, the former tenant remarked. “I recall him assisting them with the stairs, carrying their groceries to their car, and assisting them with other daily tasks. In his own words, “It’s terribly sad.” “They seemed like a good bunch. The police have determined that neither death is suspicious. Until other family members were notified, the deceased’s names were withheld Thursday morning.

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