A 102-Year-Old WWII Veteran Who Served in An All-Female, All-Black Unit Receives a Surprise Call from Jill Biden

Jill Biden recently paid tribute to Cresensia Garcia, a 102-year-old veteran who served in a segregated all-female, all-Black regiment during World War II.

A special present from the first lady was given to Cresensia and her granddaughter, Tara Garcia, during an interview with CBS Mornings about Cresensia’s experience in the military that aired on Wednesday.

First, to answer the phone, Tara was startled when she recognized the caller right away. She then handed her grandma the phone, who was also familiar with Dr. Biden.

“Wow. I salute you, lady,” Cresensia said to Biden, to which the latter replied, “You are the one who ought to be honored. You are a remarkable woman, and I am deeply grateful for what you have done for our nation.”

“Cresensia responded, “And I salute you. Keep it up. Continue your wonderful effort.”

“I’m attempting to walk in your shoes. In your instance, “The president’s wife replied.

Tara was moved by how attentive and clear-headed Cresensia had been during the call after it had ended. Tara fought back tears as she remarked, “The fact that she recognized who that was.” “Yeah, and she just now sensed that acknowledgment.”

Jill Biden Gives Surprise Call to 102-Year-Old WWII Veteran She went on, “All I needed was that. All I needed was that. All I want is for her to remember.”

According to CBS Mornings, Cresensia is one of only six people who are still alive from the “SixTripleEight,” an all-female, all-Black, segregated regiment that was deployed overseas during World War II. At the time, 855 women made up the team.

Retired Army Col. Edna Cummings expressed her support for the regiment during the CBS report. According to Cummings, “They’re the only military women’s unit to earn a congressional gold medal.” “A select group of fewer than 200 honorees, they are a member. George Washington was the first.”

According to Cummings’ research, Cresensia treated soldiers in a burn facility around 30 kilometers from Birmingham, England.

However, Cresensia claimed that her assistance “wasn’t much.” She clarified, “I used to treat the injured like a simple medic. I took care of them as they entered.”

Jill Biden Gives Surprise Call to 102-Year-Old WWII Veteran The veteran also discussed the segregation that took place when she was serving. “There is a white part, and they placed me in it. To you, that is America. See? You can say that about America, and it’s very, very sad.”

Five months prior, Tara shared a photo of Cresensia applauding the legislation that granted the 855 female members of the unit the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. “The White House is the next stop,” Tara wrote in the caption.

The delighted grandchild went on, “Black History Month has come to an end. God is wonderful and always on schedule, thus there is no such thing as coincidence! The multitude is acknowledged because of the work of a select few.”

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On April 18, 1920, Cresensia was born in Puerto Rico. She had already relocated to New York City at the start of WWII and believed it was her “patriotic duty to assist her country.”

Cresensia married Army veteran Esteban Garcia II after the war. Over the course of their 47-year marriage, they brought up three kids together. In 1994, her husband passed away.

In the years following World War II, Cresensia worked as a pattern maker and seamstress in New York City’s Garment District.

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