Granger Smith’s Wife “Amber Recalls Heartbreaking Moment” When She Told Her Kids Their Brother Died

Three years after losing her son River Kelly in a devastating drowning tragedy in 2019 at the age of 3, Amber Smith is speaking out about her life today.

Granger Smith’s wife spoke with Hayley Hubbard and Jessica Diamond of Dear Media’s Meaning Full Living podcast earlier this month about coping with bereavement.

During the conversation, Amber shares how she broke the news to her children, London, 10, and Lincoln Monarch, 8, after they saw their brother die in the tragedy. At the time of the tragedy, London was 7 and Lincoln was 5 years old.

Amber explains, “We had to be really honest from the beginning. We intended to be completely honest when we got home. We declared, “River went too long without oxygen.” Despite their best efforts, Bubbie passed away.

“And after allowing them to process their feelings, we assured them that whatever they are experiencing is OK.”

Granger Smith's Wife Amber Recalls Heartbreaking Moment She Told Her Kids Their Brother Had DiedAmber claims that she and Granger let the kids witness their own grief. Additionally, the pair bravely decided to post a lot of that experience on social media.

So many times, it was not pretty—crying in my car, yelling at the wheel, sitting beside his bed, sobbing into his blanket still nothing came out. Since people don’t talk about it, that’s where I was and what’s real, she claims.

“I was merely attempting to demonstrate the reality of suffering and sadness, and it’s not simple. It’s acceptable to have those feelings, but you must not linger there or remain imprisoned.

Amber also talks about what it was like to welcome her baby Maverick Beckham into the world nine months after losing River. He is the loveliest and happiest person ever, Amber says. Just giving our lives so much more delight.

The mother of four admits that the first few weeks after giving birth were challenging at times.

She says, “I was so happy and thrilled to have Maverick, but I was also extremely sad that we didn’t have Riv. But if we hadn’t lost Riv, we wouldn’t have Maverick. It’s an odd thing to consider.

When she reflects on their trip, Amber notes that “grief and joy coexisted during these three years.”

Over the course of the last three years, it has taken on a variety of different looks. It has appeared as rage, profound despair, frustration, and perplexity, according to Amber.

Granger Smith's Wife Amber Recalls Heartbreaking Moment She Told Her Kids Their Brother Had Died

“But it also looked like growing through it and experiencing joy in my other children and seeing them excel in school, and bringing awareness to drowning prevention and assisting others through the River Kelly Fund,” the author continued.

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By sharing their family’s sorrow, Amber and Granger say they wish to show people that there is joy and life after an unimaginable tragedy.

She says, “I guess it’s just being vulnerable and honest about that, that sorrow is messy and it’s difficult but that there is light if you just keep taking the next step.”

Since that dreadful day in June, all we have been doing is moving forward and doing the next thing to continue to live for our marriage and children.

In May, Granger posted a video to Instagram of infant Maverick floating by himself in a pool as part of his swimming lessons.

“My mind is blown. I never thought I’d post something like this. The country singer stated, “This is a video of our 8-month-old Maverick on his 10th ISR (infant swim rescue) lesson.

He is dressed completely and is in a diaper. Despite the fact that he can hardly crawl, he has learned how to hold his breath, twist his body to get oxygen, float on his back, and wail.

Granger Smith's Wife Amber Recalls Heartbreaking Moment She Told Her Kids Their Brother Had DiedHe is capable of doing this while falling in any direction, including feet first. He is capable of floating till assistance arrives.

Granger continued, “He’s a fighter and doesn’t even know it. He serves as an example for numerous families seeing this video.

You need to see this and hear my request from just ONE person. The most common accidental mortality in children under the age of 4 is drowning.

The most DEADLY error of thinking is to believe that adult supervision is sufficient. Hear me. That’s how I used to think, too.

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