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When discussing her future intentions, Wendy Williams makes one thing quite clear: she is “100 percent retired” from her role on a regular daytime TV show.

The 57-year-old celebrity appeared on TMZ Live on Tuesday in the afternoon to discuss her upcoming performance to maintain her public profile by (drumroll, please)… a podcast host!

Although the conversation was brief, Wendy’s comments regarding her plans to go digital for her audience raised some questions.

She also spoke candidly about her health and the end of her daytime television career.

The New Jersey-born celebrity revealed that she isn’t worried about her financial situation when the magazine questioned her about her future intentions. Instead, she stated that she wanted to experiment with the novel hosting format provided by podcasting, saying:

I was thinking, “I’ve got enough money to do something else, and podcasts are something I’ve never done.” By the way, EVERYONE HAS PODCASTS, BUT IF YOU’RE FAMOUS, PODCASTS WILL GET YOU MORE MONEY THAN DOING THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW. Hence, podcasts.


Wendy Williams Gives Health, Podcasting Update

Wendy was amenable to the idea of being able to move around and travel a little as far as where this will take place. After all, that’s the advantage of a podcast – you can host the program from wherever you are!

The manner in which she expressed it, though, alarmed several supporters. To record some of her performances, she mused that she would travel to Europe and even “France” (? ), saying:


Throughout the interview, Wendy also made several specific mentions of her agent, Will Selby. She outlined how he contributed to creating this fresh strategy to pursue a future in podcasting:

“AS I TOLD YOU, WILL AND I ARE IN PARTNERSHIP. Will handled everything for me. And since you and I are in a partnership (SIC), the first podcast we do will be with a certain person, and we’ll keep doing podcasts after that.

She continued by saying some unclear things.

Wendy added the following comment (below), which was interrupted in the middle for a few seconds by a bad internet connection, right after she was overjoyed with Selby’s assistance in helping her adjust to this new format:

And, I’ll be honest with you: I have no idea what a podcast is. I COULD SURVIVE DOING NOTHING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I’m SO EXCITED TO FALL IN LOVE.

Wendy Williams Gives Health, Podcasting Update

…oh, Wendy.

The news organization also enquired about Wendy’s health. To demonstrate the devastating consequences of her lymphedema, the former TV talk show icon literally pulled her foot onto the screen.

She asked the TMZ hosts whether they could see her foot on the screen, to which they replied:

“Do you understand that I can only feel around 5% of my feet? DUE TO THIS, I WOULD USUALLY BE IN A WHEELCHAIR. NOT AT ALL, IN A WHEELCHAIR. I RISE UP.

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Wow. We genuinely hope she overcomes her health challenges and rediscovers balance. It is evidently such a crucial battle.

Then, when a host inquired as to how she was handling everything, Wendy said, “Better than you.”

She also disclosed her plans for the future:

Please excuse me; I have completely left the Wendy Williams Show. And aside from guest hosting, I don’t want to be on television.

Damn! At that point, Wendy gushed over The View and specifically named Whoopi Goldberg. So perhaps there’s a chance for guest hosting in the future? That would undoubtedly be noteworthy.

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