A Woman Allegedly Choked by Ezra Miller in Iceland Describes the Incident: “Grabs Me by The Throat”

A woman who claims that actor Ezra Miller choked her in Iceland in 2020 is speaking out amid a slew of complaints against him.

More than two years after the Fantastic Beasts actor, 29, was seen on camera choking her and then tossing her to the ground, the lady talked with Variety. She requested anonymity in order to speak with the media.

A request for comment from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by Miller’s representatives or attorneys.

The woman revealed what happened in an article that was released on Thursday, recounting a chat she had with Miller inside a bar named Priki Kaffih’s close to the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

She claimed that while they were talking, she observed that Miller’s sandal-clad feet were scraped up; they claimed this was the result of a fight. Miller utilizes they/them pronouns and identifies as non-binary.

Woman Allegedly Choked by Ezra Miller in Iceland Details Incident: 'Grabs Me By the Throat'She remembered saying to Miller, “But just so you know, I could take you in a fight,” and leaving. “Are you really up for a fight?” She remembered that Miller answered. She claimed that she continued the rumored ruse by asking Miller to meet her in the smoking area in two minutes.

According to the woman, the exchange was “meant as a joke,” but when her friend informed Miller that he had heard the actor didn’t want to fight, things seemed to get out of hand.

According to her, “My friend didn’t have to say it.” It was obviously only a joke, but Miller took it seriously, became furious, and ran outside.

Then, as her buddy started to videotape the conversation, Miller can be heard saying to her, “Do you desire conflict? Do you work that way?” before applying a chokehold to her.

She remarked, “I assume it’s all games and fun, but suddenly it wasn’t. “Suddenly, [they] are on top of me, choking me, and asking me to fight while shouting in my face. As [they] continue to try to fight me, my friend who is filming them realizes that [they] are obviously not joking and that it is actually serious, so he stops shooting and pushes [them] away.

My two male pals are literally restraining Miller while yelling, “This is what you wanted!” You got what you asked for!”

Woman Allegedly Choked by Ezra Miller in Iceland Details Incident: 'Grabs Me By the Throat'

She recalled Miller spitting in her face “several times,” and so did Carlos Reynir, a bartender who intervened outside to stop a brawl after noticing it was “getting way out of hand.”

Reynir added that Miller “grabs me by the throat and tells me they’re not leaving as I’m trying to shepherd them out the [back] door.” Miller also allegedly accused the woman’s companions of pushing them. Which, according to Reynir, they didn’t.

Miller reportedly proceeded around to the front and started pounding on the main door before driving off with some buddies, according to Reynir, who then shut the door behind him.

“At first, I thought they were fantastic. We engaged in extensive philosophical discussion and covered a wide range of spiritual topics “Reynir of Miller remarked.

“They were portraying themselves as this fantastic person who is a true darling, has an open mind, and is willing to help and communicate with everybody. However, when someone does something that [Ezra] disagrees with or dislikes, it is their problem and not his.”

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This year, Miller has been under scrutiny for a number of instances, including two distinct cases of disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii.

In an interview with Gibson’s parents earlier this month, PEOPLE learned that the activist, who is 18 years old, was raised by Miller from an early age and was “brainwashed” by the actor’s “cult-like behavior.”

A judge issued a protection order at Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court, but, in accordance with court records, the actor’s current whereabouts prevent the court from “locating or serving” the order to Miller.

“We want to get our kid out of this circumstance because we are worried for her safety. The teen’s mother Sara Jumping Eagle said, “We’re afraid about all the worst-case situations. Miller is “on the run.” “with their youngster.

The teen spoke up in a video shared to Instagram, stating, “My life is this. These choices are mine. And in every manner, I’m disappointed in my parents and the media.” Ezra is innocent, the teen wrote in a later post.

Woman Allegedly Choked by Ezra Miller in Iceland Details Incident: 'Grabs Me By the Throat'In another recent Rolling Stone article, a Hawaii father expressed concern for his three young children, ages 1 to 5, who are residing with their 25-year-old mother on the actor’s Vermont farm, stating that they have easy access to firearms and marijuana.

The mother expressed thanks for having a “safe atmosphere” and claimed that Miller “helped” her escape from what she called an “abusive ex,” adding that the actor’s farm “has been a healing haven for us.”

The mom and dad in question as well as two sources with “knowledge of the incident” were all contacted by Rolling Stone. All parties were kept anonymous in the narrative by the outlet.

The Flash, which has already finished filming but won’t hit theatres until next year, stars Miller, who also made an appearance in the recently released Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

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