Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ Relationship Timeline: From Friendship to Love

Amazingly adorable Although Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ romance has developed over the years, they are renowned for wanting to keep information about their family a secret.

While they were filming The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011, sparks first began to fly between Gosling and Mendes. Upon completion of the project, they were seen spending a lot of time together.

The Disney star and the model welcomed their first child, Esmeralda, according to a September 2014 Us Weekly report. Daughter Amanda was born to the couple two years later.

After an Instagram follower publicly accused Gosling of neglecting their children in 2020, Mendes defended the decision to keep their personal lives a secret.

The Lost River star admitted on social media in April 2020 that she “keeps that aspect secret” and avoids discussing Ryan and all the good things he does as a father. “I believe it’s best for me to continue disclosing what I feel comfortable with, but to avoid over-involving him or my children.

It’s simply important to maintain your privacy in a public area without appearing cagey or strange. It all makes sense, right? I certainly hope that is the case. This is my truthful response, after all.

The same month, a source exclusively revealed to Us that the couple was staying at home the entire time they were under the COVID-19 quarantine.

An insider revealed to Us at the time that “they’re hands-on parents and don’t have any nannies.” “Having two young children and being restricted to their house can be demanding at times, especially without hired help.”

The source claimed that Gosling and Mendes enjoyed going to “farmers markets and the park” with their children, while a second person said that the Crazy Stupid Love actor loved to prepare meals for his loved ones.

The insider continued, “That’s his big thing.” “He invites everyone to participate alongside him. The entire family will like it.

The La La Land actor thought back to the day when their entire family was in lockdown in October 2021.

Our children are small, so it was difficult for them to be apart from other children and unable to see family, among other things, the Canadian native stated in an interview with GQ.

So, we tried our best to keep them amused. Eva and I performed more acting in quarantine than we ever have in our entire careers, I believe.

To relive Mendes and Gosling’s romance, scroll down:

2011 August

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline According to a source, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes took their friendship to the next level while filming The Place Beyond the Pines in New York after having been “friends for years.”

October 2011

By spending a romantic evening in Disneyland, the couple made their romance public. One witness described them as “extremely lively.” “Like a little child, Eva was hopping around. She would lean on him while holding his arm the whole time.”

2010 October

Busted! While driving around Hollywood, Gosling and his girlfriend were seen passionately making out in Mendes’ car. The pair kissed passionately at a red light while Gosling, looking dishevelled, sat in the passenger seat.

October 2011

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline

Paris-based PDA! Following the completion of Holy Motors, Gosling surprised Mendes by travelling to France, a source told Us.

The couple walked through Pere Lachaise cemetery while holding hands. Even though she had essentially just gone for the day of shooting, an insider remarked, “She was terribly homesick and missed him.”

May 2012

After having lunch together in New York City, Gosling and Mendes embraced. The two strolled close to Ryan Gosling’s East Village residence while sipping coffees.

Gosling wasn’t yet ready to play house, a source told Us in May. The insider stated, “He claims he wants to take it easy and not move in with her just yet. He does not, however, want to lose her.

June 2012

Gosling, who is Canadian, enjoyed travelling with Mendes to Niagara Falls, Ontario. To obtain the finest view, the couple reportedly took a ride on the Sky Wheel together.

June 2012

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline The two of them parted ways with Donna Gosling before walking separately through the Toronto airport.

The relationship between Donna and Eva is excellent “2012, a source informed Us. Donna and Eva are on the same page in that they want Ryan to settle down, so they are working to make that happen.

July 2012

Fill the metre up! During a summer outing, the couple was spotted in Malibu operating a parking metre.

October 2012

The Place Beyond the Pines premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the co-stars were photographed together on the red carpet.

October 2012

The couple spent Thanksgiving weekend together in New York City, where they were seen taking a romantic stroll through the streets. Additionally, on November 24, they went to see The Heiress, a Broadway play that stars Jessica Chastain.

March 2013

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline The two people were present at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City’s premiere of their movie The Place Beyond the Pines. While her leading man was dressed in a Gucci suit, Mendes looked stunning in an orange Prada dress and shoes.

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January 2014

In the middle of reports of a breakup, Gosling was spotted grinning at Mendes’ Hollywood Hills residence. Since their last shot together, the attractive couple had been separated.

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day much. Most likely, I’ll just get a deep dish and watch The Notebook or something “Mendes made light of the attention to Ellen DeGeneres on February 12. Moreover, the actress denied having a child.

July 2014

Gosling and Mendes announced their first child together was on the way.

2014 September

Esmeralda Amada, the couple’s first child, was born to Mendes.

April 2015

Lost River, in which Mendes co-stars with Gosling, was recently released.

2015 December

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline

Mendes is The One for him, according to the star from The Notebook. According to him, he is with the right person.

He told Hello! magazine. When Gosling was then asked what qualities he values in a woman, he said, “That she’s Eva Mendes. I am not seeking anything else.

April 2016

It was revealed that the New York & Company designer and Ryan Gosling were expecting their second child.

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May 2016

The Hollywood couple welcomed their daughter Amada Lee not long after it was revealed that they were expecting a second child.

2017 January

Upon receiving the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his work in La La Land, Gosling referred to Mendes as his “sweetheart” and praised her acting. Also honoured was Juan Carlo Mendez, the late brother of his beloved.

July 2019

Once more, the couple who were in love grew their family. However, this time they got a dog named Lucho.

October 2019

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline Mendes talked to Access Hollywood about raising her daughters while dating Ryan Gosling. She remarked at the time, “It’s so beautiful and frustrating and joyful.” Of course, it’s quite difficult,

but when the day is over and you put the kids to bed, Ryan and I look at each other and say, “We did it, we came out pretty undamaged.”

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A month in 2020

Gosling is “a great cook and baker,” Mendes wrote on Instagram, adding, “For reals. Incredible. No joke. I’m not convinced if what I do constitutes cooking. It’s more like heating veggies and juicing and preparing rice. He’s a great cook. I make it.”

June 2021

Mendes quickly clarified the situation when one of her social media fans questioned whether Gosling was the photographer for her Instagram pictures. None that I post, she said in response. “I take them and my pals take theirs. This is a girl thing.”

July 2021

After verifying that Gosling doesn’t snap the photographs she shares on her Instagram account, Mendes released a video taken by the couple’s children.

“My kids shot this,” she commented with footage of herself modelling handbags by the designer Terzi Burma. “@terziburmade is a new fashion line focusing on providing fair salaries and equity for women who are in danger of sweatshops and forced labour,” the actress explained.

“Their objective is to create a society where … ‘NO HUMANS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PRODUCT.'”

September 2021

The Notebook actor gushed about getting a watch from the Last Night actor for his first Father’s Day present during an interview with GQ. Gosling joked, “The emblem was what mattered,” despite saying that “the brand doesn’t matter.” It implied that you have started the timer.

Jan. 20, 2022

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Relationship Timeline Mendes and Gosling liked raising their children outside of Hollywood, an insider exclusively revealed to Us “away from the ostentatiousness and stress of city life.

When the Blade Runner 2049 actor “dedicates[s] a lot] of time to being a stay-at-home parent,” the couple’s “relationship has been at its strongest,” the insider claimed.

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May 2022

Mendes humorously pushed her partner’s new movie, The Gray Man, as the highly-anticipated trailer appeared, depicting Gosling as a CIA officer on the run from an assassin (Chris Evans) (Chris Evans).

“My man making all my 1980s action star fantasies come true,” Mendes posted a poster for the film on Instagram.

June 2022

Mendes gushed over Ryan Gosling’s performance in the movie after the first image of him from Margot Robbie’s live-action Barbie movie surfaced in June 2022. “Seriously funny.

Such a good f. The Miami native used Instagram to post, “So F happy for you to see this,” along with the cute hashtag, “#Thatsmyken.”

Later that month, Mendes gushed over her partner’s Barbie look during an interview on The Talk, adding that she begged him to give her the underwear from the initial promo photo.

“Well, first of all, I saw the photo and the 14-year-old in me were like, ‘Ahhh,’” she recounted. “It’s a humorous shot and he’s trying to be funny. So, it worked on all levels.”

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