Gossip Girl Season 2 Review: What is Blair and Dan’s Secret?

A decade after its predecessor’s blog originally caught the world by storm, the debut season of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl remake saw a fresh batch of Constance Billard students navigating the Instagram era.

Season 2 begins immediately after the New Year’s party from the previous season, and while certain plots require this continuity, others feel like they would have benefited from at least a little time jump because they are bogged down by repetition.

The second season of Gossip Girl is chock-full of just as much campy fun and pop culture references as the first. Name-checking Ansel Elgort, Jeremy Strong, and Florence Pugh, and featuring a charming cameo by writer Hunter Harris, the show nevertheless has its finger on the pulse, immersing us in a universe that is both captivating and bizarre.

However, several of the issues from the previous season return in the second instalment, including the pacing. The relationship between Aki (Evan Mock), Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind), and Max (Thomas Doherty) is actually refreshing; healthy polyamorous relationships are rarely explored on television. (Or, you know, as healthy as you can get in a show that investigates the scandalous lives of New York’s elite. The manner in which the show handles Kiki’s [Laura Benanti] reaction earns bonus points.


The development between her and Audrey has been remarkable to observe.) At times, however, it can feel as if we are trapped in a vicious loop. The difficulties they experience, albeit valid, can become repetitive.

This also feels true of the character of Zoya (Whitney Peak). This season allows us to see more of her friend Shan, which is a positive (Grace Duah). Not only is she a breath of fresh air, but it’s also refreshing to witness Zoya struggle with having Julien (Jordan Alexander) as a genuine sister with whom she must learn to live – and share her father.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Review
Gossip Girl Season 2 Review

There’s a lot of potential with Zoya and Nick (Johnathan Fernandez), but although there are intriguing glimpses, the execution can ultimately feel like a replay of Season 1 patterns, as Zoya explores limits and rebels against Nick’s decisions she disagrees with.

The second season shines when it gives previously marginalised individuals the spotlight. Monet (Savannah Lee Smith), who was once delightfully dubbed “Attila de Haan,” is the best example of this, since her cutthroat pursuit of power is a delight to observe.

She appears to be continually playing 3D chess, always staying one step ahead of whoever she is attempting to defeat. It’s especially amusing to see her in command of her own minions (former enemies Pippa [Ella Rubin] and Bianca [Katherine Reis] – a genius choice). One cannot but wish she had a more deserving opponent.

As hinted at the end of Season 1, Monet spends the majority of Season 2 attempting to provoke a conflict with Julien. Without a doubt, Julien is a likeable individual. Occasionally, the issue is that she is too pleasant, too polite, and too unwilling to engage in conflict.

While her pursuit of self-improvement is admirable and genuine for a modern influencer, she frequently feels too passive to engage Monet in a manner that is truly gratifying. She is an intriguing character; nevertheless, Monet and the show appear to be misusing her.

It’s a bit of a letdown that the bomb she dropped last season when she announced she wanted to work with Gossip Girl isn’t focused on as much as it could be. (However, there is a wonderful and deftly-directed sequence in which she and Kate [Tavi Gevinson] exchange DMs while standing directly opposite one another. Another scene that stands out involves a spa day and the clandestine use of face recognition to unlock multiple phones. Silly? Yes. But also actually creative.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Review
Gossip Girl Season 2 Review

Outside of Julien, Monet also has greater depth and substance to deal with. This season focuses on Kate’s delicate relationship with her mother, who, as you may recall from the previous season, dragged her to within an inch of her life. No one is safe from Camille’s (Amanda Warren) wrath; you can’t help but feel sorry for Monet despite her dictatorial tendencies.

Her sexuality is also explored a bit more, but one promising subplot is depressingly sacrificed for cheap shock value. We can only hope that Monet will finally experience the passionate, chaotic relationship she deserves.

I was also pleased to see more of Obie’s (Eli Brown) new girlfriend Grace (Anna Van Patten), who may not be as kind as she originally appears, and school administrator Wendy (Megan Ferguson), one of the show’s breakout performers. Every outrageous phrase she utters, whether she’s mentioning NXIVM or getting raided by the FBI, is casually and hilariously delivered.

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The reasons why the teachers continue to maintain the account still do not make sense to me, but this is Gossip Girl, so who cares about logic? You’ll have a blast with their warped dynamics if you suspend your disbelief (a requirement for enjoying this programme!).

Gossip Girl excels in its large group situations, in which domino effects lead one thing to go wrong after another, drawing everyone in as collateral damage. Fortunately, there are a number of these instances, each of which is masterfully performed.

One includes a riotous debutante ball, and the other occurs during a vital dinner with a powerful conservative woman whom Max’s parents are anxious to impress. Never-ending chaos against a backdrop of old-fashioned glitz and custom is a Gossip Girl classic that never gets old. This show is at its most unhinged and entertaining when everyone is gathered together and acting impolitely in polite society.

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What is Blair and Dan’s secret?

Louis intended to expose her affair with Dan at the Spectator’s New Year’s Eve celebration. (Poor Louis.) Dan and Blair were sneaking around in order to attend church. Blair had confided in Dan about her meeting with God before telling Serena, and Dan was only complying with her request to keep her secret a secret.

What Occurs in the Second Season of Gossip Girl?

After suffering a significant change, Georgina Sparks returns to the Upper East Side. Chuck and Nate are at a pivotal juncture in their relationship as it relates to their shared interest in Blair. Serena’s connection with Gabriel becomes increasingly difficult.

Who Intended to Play Gossip Girl?

He went on to say that Chace Crawford’s character Nate was the first choice for the role of Gossip Girl. He stated, “It was Nate till the day I left.” “I believe that towards the end of season four, we all came to the decision that it could be Nate, and we spent season five setting it up.

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