Wolf Pack Review: Where Can I Observe Wolf Pack? Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Peacock published Wolf Like Me, a funny little dramedy, a year ago. Critics were asked not to reveal that the show, starring Isla Fisher, was about werewolves. If you mentioned that the show was about werewolves, folks going in for werewolves would have thought it was too much about people. Idiots and their feelings.

Wolf Pack, Paramount+’s new drama, doesn’t require trepidation. Werewolves. Yay! Wolf Pack is best described as uncoy. Even though the show is clearly about werewolves, discriminating viewers may find it too human-focused at first. People with beautiful cheekbones and wooden writing.

Wolf Pack, created by MTV’s Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, begins with an entertainingly terrible pilot with enough amusingly heightened themes to keep me watching with morbid fascination. The second of two episodes released to critics is so fragmented and uninteresting that curiosity evaporated like a droplet of water in a fire.


Davis and Ensler’s Wolf Pack pilot begins in an inferno. East of Los Angeles is a massive fire. A school bus carrying the most and least popular children from a regional feeder school gets stuck in a traffic bottleneck near the fire. All the animals rush out of the woods.

I’ve seen CGI deer, coyotes, and a blazing ram stampede in a dozen movies and TV shows, yet it’s always unsettling. The dumb high school kids escape their bus at this moment, getting trapped in the stampede. Some are trampled, but others are bitten. by.

_ Wolf Pack review
_ Wolf Pack review

Anxious Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard), a sullen-yet-nurturing fictitious teenage girl with a younger sibling on the autism spectrum, are bitten. Everett and Blake bond over their horrific bite marks.

Because their father, park ranger Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro), will cough in a hazy haze for the first two episodes, twins Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) are anxious about the fire. Gay Harlan. Werewolves Harlan and Luna. Is the fuzzy CG thing with glowing eyes that bit Everett and Blake related? If not, a strange coincidence. Maybe the blazing yellow eyeballs indicate a hepatitis outbreak and Hepatitis Pack was too long.

Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) uses the fire to introduce herself as an LAFD arson investigator for two episodes. Not for actual inquiry. To introduce herself as an arson investigator. Kristin knows more than she’s telling or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s casting was odd. However, I cannot review Wolf Pack based on stuff that may become less odd. Kristin is mostly introducing herself and discussing why arson is wrong. Noted.

Wolf Like Me was enjoyable since it used werewolf-ism as a metaphor for middle age rather than puberty. Wolf Pack revisits puberty, specifically that point when all CW and MTV stars realize they’re attractive.

Hot, yet acne scarred? Lycanthropy! Hot but wearing baggy clothes? Consult your doctor about lycanthropy! Speed, senses, and abs are side effects. Consult a modeling agent for extreme heat.

The first episode is at least amusing. It’s enjoyable to observe the tiny tweaks to the Teen Wolf template, but the writing is full of groan-worthy dialogue and the young cast doesn’t seem capable of overcoming it. More swearing and gore.

Everyone is so attractive that if you placed Gregg Araki in control of the property, orgies would occur instead of carnage, but instead, it’s a bunch of “Holy shit, I can see my abs!” and “Holy crap, my skin looks wonderful!” (near to conversation). A few CG blobs emerge out of the darkness, but nothing is alarming. The hospital hallways and shabby hotel rooms are well-lit for maximum ominousness.

_ Wolf Pack review
_ Wolf Pack review

Nothing happens in episode two. There are 30 minutes of bite-induced hallucinations, many sequences of Sarah Michelle Gellar introducing herself to people before departing, and the half-hearted introduction of a new character who seems too unattractive to be part of the main ensemble. Is he walking werewolf kibble or the ultimate proof of lycanthropy’s hotness? I won’t watch the episode that answers.

The performances are all wooden—Shepard and Jackson are better than Robertson and Gray—but what’s weirder is how the directors of the first two episodes are too invested in the eerie mood lighting and all-purpose objectifying to figure out how to get the actors to move in the frame, so there’s one scene after another of people standing awkwardly, unsure what to do with their supernaturally enhanced bodies.

They are still uncomfortable with their supernaturally improved movement, and there are a couple of running moments where you can practically hear the editors saying, “Well, that was the best we could do.”


If there was any narrative momentum, the first episode’s guiltily delicious elements could survive the second’s clunkiness.

Maybe the deliberate pacing works better in Edo van Belkom’s book, but if you asked me after two episodes what Wolf Pack was likely to become as a series, my only answer would be that the various wolves might come together as some sort of pack and that eventually, Sarah Michelle Gellar will introduce herself to them—though whether she’ll be a wolf when she does it, I can’t say and won’t stick around to find out.

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Wolf Pack Trailer


Where Can I Observe Wolf Pack? Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Wolf Pack is now available to stream on Paramount+.

What Will Wolf Pack Be About?

A destructive fire ravages California and provokes an attack by a supernatural entity. A few individuals are killed and many others, including animals, are hurt. Teenagers Blake Navarro and Everett Lang are bitten.

Where is the Wolf Pack Filmed?

The production of the series began in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of June, and it will be broadcast later in 2022. In accordance with his multi-year agreement with MTV Entertainment Studios, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis is scripting and executive producing the series.

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