Murder Mystery Review: Is It Worthwhile to Watch Murder Mystery?

There is lost money, and Adam Sandler is on the case – both in fiction and in reality. A decade ago, “Murder Mystery,” a caffeinated comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as working-class New Yorkers whose European vacation is interrupted by the discovery of a $70 billion body, would have earned a solid box office gross.

(Their 2011 comedy “Just Go With It” grossed $215 million globally.) Today, A-listers are frolicking in a Netflix flick that feels like a vintage postcard. Their caper film appears to be properly framed on a little screen.

The multiplex may be in jeopardy, but it’s doing better than tycoon Malcolm Quince (an imperious Terence Stamp), who strolls into the ballroom of his boat, announces that he’s disinheriting all of his guests, and is then fatally killed.

The suspects could have been drawn from a Clue board game. There’s the actress (Gemma Arterton), the Colonel (John Kani), the racecar driver (Luis Gerardo Méndez), and the Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar), as well as the dead man’s decaying family tree, which includes an unloved son (David Walliams), a raconteur viscount (Luke Evans), and Malcolm’s 23-year-old ski instructor bride Shioli Kuts


However, the local French inspector (Dany Boon, France’s top comedic actor — and a sort of Gallic Adam Sandler) places the assassination on Sandler and Aniston’s Nick and Audrey Spitz, a detective, and a hairdresser on their first international vacation, for no reason other than to further the plot.

Murder Mystery Review
Murder Mystery Review

Your theory is that the two of us deceived our way onto a stranger’s boat at the last minute in order to execute premeditated murder for no advantage to ourselves?” Audrey, a mystery fiction fanatic, inquires.

Yes, the gendarme implies precisely that. Perhaps the most audacious suggestion in James Vanderbilt’s screenplay is that the French police are as rash as, for example, the Italians who convicted Amanda Knox.

As soon as the Spitzes are j’accuse, the script dictates a manhunt, additional killings, and a climactic Ferrari crash set to AC/DC. A better twist would be an action-comedy that omits the automobile chase entirely.

The director of the bright and uncomplicated film, Kyle Newacheck, is betting on his actors’ star power. Meanwhile, his ensemble cast vies to appear the most guilty.

Former Bond girl Arterton is a delightfully voluptuous femme fatale, whilst mustachioed Evans has been perfecting his egotistical Euro-villain roles since the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

Evans has become so adept at portraying well-mannered criminals that whenever he comes onscreen, a Smell-O-Vision cloud of cologne and vermouth fills the air.

Obviously, every Adam Sandler comedy adheres to the cliche “the butler did it.” At some time throughout the antics, Sandler’s schlub must demonstrate that he is the bravest youngster in the world. Sandler’s characters have solidified alongside his career.

Nick Spitz purchases a $50 gift card for Audrey on their 10-year wedding anniversary and wears cargo shorts to a black-tie dinner. Their marriage requires a burst of adrenaline, something more enticing than the seething sad-sack disdain that churns beneath a Sandler performance.


Yet, the most implausible aspect of this on-screen romance is that Aniston is providing a sincere performance. Her uninterested wife is idealistic, naive, and awkward, the type of aspirant who dresses up for transatlantic travel but refuses to pay $9 for earplugs.

Murder Mystery Review
Murder Mystery Review

She is ecstatic to sip spritzes with a viscount, and the viewer swoons for her, despite the fact that her first experience with Evans is the film’s climax of erotica. “Murder Mystery” feels as gaudy as paste jewelry, a souvenir for nights that aspire to nothing more unusual than a pizza, but Aniston shines like the real deal.

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is It Worthwhile to Watch Murder Mystery?

An extremely dull film. It lacks the originality and intelligence to qualify as either original or parody. 24 August 2022 | Rating: 2/5 | Complete review… I’m not critiquing character development or anything of the sort; I simply relaxed… and watched a fantastic film.

Does Murder Mystery Include Any Objectionable Content?

The MPAA classification is for “violence/bloody visuals, crass sexual material, and language.” The rating contains some passionate kissing and near intercourse, attempted seduction, references to sex and discussions of sex and infidelity, as well as various cleavage-revealing clothing; multiple killings by shooting.

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