Where is Nelly Now and What is He Doing? What is Going on in His Life?

One of the most well-known rappers of his time was Nelly. His first solo record, 2002’s “Hot in Herre,” was a top 10 smash for seven weeks and his 2002 album, Country Grammar, debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200.

In addition to his three Grammys, four American Music Awards, and nine Billboard Music Awards, he also had a number one with the song “Dilemma” (which included Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child).

However, the musician hasn’t had a Top 40 hit in quite some time. Where is Nelly, anyway? What he’s been doing is detailed here.

Where Is He Now?

Nelly, an American rapper, is currently on tour in two countries and has 10 shows coming up. His next tour stop is at the Court of Honor Stage at The Big E in Springfield. After that, he will be at the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg.


Nelly sold his 10,000-square-foot, Tuscan-style mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2021, after he had stopped working on it for a few years. Realtor.com says that “The Fix” rapper had to list the home for much less than its $2.5 million market value in 2002.

The Riverfront Times says that the property was bought in 2022 by the Kingdom of God Global Church, which some people say is a cult.


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Realtor.com says that Nelly lives in Calabasas, California, at the moment. The rapper has two biological children who are all grown up: Chanelle, who was born in 1994, and Cornell, who was born in 1999. He also raised Sydney and Lil Shawn, the two children of his late sister. In 2014, the reality show Nellyville was all about Nelly’s family of four, and it was clear that Nelly loved being a dad.

In 2017, the rapper told Page Six, “My kids are great, and just having them there is a blessing for me.” “I think it’s a great gift for dads to just be with their kids.”

Nelly Has Constantly Released New Music

Even though his songs aren’t always on the radio, Nelly has kept making new and interesting music over the years.

He has put out a total of eight albums. Heartland, which came out in 2021, reached number 45 on the US Billboard 200. The rapper’s love of country music helped him make this album, which showed how versatile he is as a performer.

where is nelly now
where is nelly now

Nelly told Billboard in 2021, “I give a lot of credit to my fans for letting me be free with my music, which is something I’m very grateful for.” “I don’t need to be put into a box, do you understand what I mean? I’m a hip-hop person, and I love rap. It’s just who I am.


when it comes to my music, I get to show who I am in whatever way I can, because we all know that nothing is just one thing anymore. We were lucky that a lot of brothers who came before me gave us ideas.

What is Nelly doing?

Nelly is currently on tour in two countries, and he has 10 shows coming up. Their next tour stop is at Oshkosh Arena in Oshkosh. After that, they’ll be at Victoria Park, Brisbane in Herston.

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