where is sharkeisha in 2022? Is Sharkeisha Thompson Still Alive?

The Sharkeisha incident supports sociologist Maurice Halbach’s claim that the Internet never forgets. The diffusion and adoption of digital technology have aggravated the dilemma.

Whatever you do or post online must be carefully controlled, or you risk becoming the topic of conversation for days, weeks, or months. What’s even more amazing is how quickly you may become a meme, gif, or target of mockery due to the fact that the internet saves receipts.

Sharkeisha achieved Internet fame in late 2013 after a video of her engaging in a physical altercation went viral. The footage depicted her punching her classmate ShaMichael Manuel.

Where Is Sharkeisha Now?

The death of Sharkeisha has been the subject of countless rumors throughout the years. The initial accusation was that she was killed in a hit-and-run. The second woman said she and her buddy were both slain in a drive-by shooting, but her friend survived.

She is still alive and well, contrary to popular opinion. Sharkeisha currently resides in New York City and models on Instagram. She maintains a modest profile in both real lives and on social media.


After the Fight, What Happened to Sharkeisha?

As meme stars created frightening videos, the video became viral sensations. Surprisingly, the vast majority of viewers found the video entertaining, drowning out the few astute individuals who saw it for what it was: a savage assault.

Photos of ShaMicheal indicated that she had a black eye and a split lip. Even though the attack occurred almost eight years ago, social media memes based on the footage continue to spread.

where is sharkeisha
where is sharkeisha

Sharkeisha’s assault on ShaMichael would have gone unnoticed if not for the recording and distribution of the video by a mutual friend. Due to the footage, Sharkeisha was detained and charged with assault.

Following her imprisonment, Sharkeisha remained secretive on social media, likely to avoid the notoriety generated by the viral footage. On the Internet, @sharkeisha baby’s account remains active, but we assume it is a fake.

Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, age 22, was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, in August 2011. If the account belonged to the Sharkeisha from the video, she wouldn’t have used a phony mugshot.


In the days following the assault, a Twitter user named Queen Sharkeisha celebrated her newfound fame by posting tweets. She wrote, “I’m trending in Africa!” “I had no idea they had Internet there. I feel renowned.”

Queen Sharkeisha amassed tens of thousands of devotees and remains active. However, only allowed people can access Sharkeisha’s tweets.

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