Where is Rae Carruth and What is He Doing Right Now? What Happened to Him?

Rae Carruth formerly held a position of prominence in the NFL. But today, all that remains of him is a convicted felon and a former football player.

Carruth had a four-year deal when he was chosen by the Carolina Panthers in the 1997 NFL Draft. When everything went wrong in November 1999, he had just begun his NFL career.

He was given an 18-year prison term that runs through 2018. Even though he is now a free man, the stigma of having committed a crime still hangs over him.

Where Is Rae Carruth Right Now?

Rae Carruth relocated to Pennsylvania to live with a close friend after being released from prison. It is said that he works from home there.

In December 2019, Saundra Adams stated that Lee Adams, Rae’s son, had received a check from Rae for several thousand dollars.

Rae claimed to sources that he is a changed guy who leads a simple life away from the spotlight and that one particular wish he has for the future is to be present in his son’s life.


What Is Rae Carruth Doing Right Now?

After being freed from prison, Carruth moved to Pennsylvania with a friend. He is claimed to be working from home as of the time of this writing and has drastically changed.

Where is Rae Carruth
Where is Rae Carruth

He also wants to rebuild the friendship he has had for a long time with his kid. In 2019, he gave his mother, Saundra, a sizable quantity of money.

The lady who raised the Chancellor after her daughter was killed, Saundra, didn’t know who had received the check because it was anonymous. She then found out that Carruth had actually sent it.

The former NFL athlete claimed that he felt responsible for everything even though he would not commit to killing Adam. Despite everything that has happened, Saundra has forgiven Carruth and the other conspirators.


Also doing well is the Chancellor. He has a chronic disease, yet that hasn’t slowed him down in the least. He went in with his grandma in 2021 after receiving his high school diploma, where he presently resides.

Story of Conviction by Rae Carruth

The first mother to Carruth’s child was Michelle Wright. He was a sophomore at Colorado when Raelondo was born.

Wright filed a child support lawsuit against him since he was allegedly a single father. They consented to pay $2,700 in child support and for him to become a better dad. Cherica Adams and Carruth later dated.

additionally expecting Wright’s child. Their connection soured when she was eight months along. On November 16, 1999, Carruth and Adams went to the movies. They came back in two cars.

Adams took four bullets after they broke apart. She told cops her baby daddy shot her despite her wounds. She said to them, “He stopped in front of my automobile. The Chancellor was born via emergency C-section following the report.

Chancellor lived despite having cerebral palsy and brain damage at birth. Adams did not make it. Carruth was sought after the crime on a $3 million bail. Following a massive manhunt, Carruth was found in 1999.

At a Best Western in Tennessee, he took refuge in a car’s trunk. His defense claimed that he paid Watkins to kill his baby’s mother because she objected to abortion.


Two years later, the former player was found guilty of attempted murder of an unborn child, attempted murder of an inhabited building, and murder conspiracy. He was handed 18 to 24 years in prison despite being cleared of first-degree murder. On October 22, 2018, he was freed from prison after serving 18 years.

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