Where is Conrad Murray and What Happened to His Medical License?

19 February 1953, in Saint Andrew, Grenada, Conrad Murray was born in 1983 marking Conrad’s graduation from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine and biological sciences.

He then continued his medical education in Tennessee, finished his residency in California, and studied cardiology at the University of Arizona. In 2000 and 2006, respectively, Conrad opened clinics in Las Vegas and Houston.

Michael Jackson’s promoters, AEG Live, hired Conrad Murray in May 2009 to serve as his personal physician. He was employed prior to Michael’s London performance of This Is It.

Conrad garnered international prominence after Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009, when he became the leading suspect in the case, despite his successful medical career.

Where is Dr. Murray Currently?

Murray was granted early release after completing only two years of his four-year sentence. Many fans and members of Jackson’s family were outraged by his release. According to a BBC story, Jackson’s mother stated, “We pray he never practices medicine again and does not breach his Hippocratic oath by harming another patient.”

conrad murray
conrad murray

Inside Edition reported in 2016 that despite losing his license, Murray was still visiting patients and practicing medicine. When questioned about it, he stated that he had not infringed the law because he just offered consultations and never prescribed drugs.

Murray also disclosed that he was living in a Florida studio apartment and spending a great deal of time with Sebastian. According to CelebrityNetWorth, his estimated net worth is -$500,000.


What Happened To His Medical License

After Murray’s conviction and sentencing, his Texas medical license was revoked. Additionally, he was suspended in California and Nevada. When a doctor’s license is suspended in California for professional misconduct, he must wait at least three years before filing a petition for reinstatement.

The Sun reports that Dr. Murray is currently practicing medicine in the Caribbean and intends to appeal for the reinstatement of his medical license in the United States. According to reports, he also intends to construct a center for cardiovascular patients in Bimini.


When he was convicted, the doctor claimed that his home was foreclosed and his children were forced to live on the streets. He stated, “I’ve had to knock on so many doors to restart my life and get a decent job after losing four practices.”

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