Who is Pat Montgomery and Where is He Now? Everything There is to Know About Him

Pat Montgomery was an electrical engineer when he met Candy Montgomery, formerly Candace Wheeler. After working together at Texas Instruments, where Candy was a secretary, the couple began dating.

Pat and Candy married in the early 1970s and settled in Wylie, Texas in 1977. By the time they relocated, the couple had welcomed two children, a son, and a daughter.

Where is Pat Montgomery Now?

Texas Monthly claims that Pat and Candy wed in the early 1970s. Pat was “one of Texas Instruments’ sharpest young electrical engineers” at the time.

Candy, a secretary, was a pretty woman with a loud laugh that you couldn’t possibly ignore. Candy worked as a secretary. It’s understandable why Pat would want to pick her up because she has a simple appeal and a cheerful attitude.

A son and a daughter were soon born to Pat and Candy, and in 1977 the family relocated to Wylie, Texas. Candy assumed she wanted to get married and relocate to the country because she was a “army brat” and was always on the move as a child.

Pat had a fantastic career at Texas Instruments developing “advanced military radar systems,” earning $70,000 annually (or $332,000 in 2022). Given the time period and her husband’s income, Candy chose to stay at home with the kids and actively participate in their church, albeit she soon developed “bored crazy.”


The Montgomerys first encountered Allan and Betty Gore at church. Additionally, Candy and Allan participated in a volleyball league together, which is how Candy got the notion to ask Allan whether he was interested in having a purely sexual relationship out of boredom. Once considerable deliberation, Allan gave in, and the two started a six-month relationship. However, Candy ended it after Allan decided to commit again to Betty and their marriage.

where is pat montgomery now
where is pat Montgomery now

At the very least, Pat, Candy’s husband, was a shadowy presence in the backdrop of this sorrowful, almost lustful triangle. The most “damning” aspect of him was his inability to comprehend what Candy had written in her creative writing class.

We always return to what we are familiar with, and Candy was familiar with an unstable childhood that included frequent moves and maybe few long-lasting relationships. Maybe it just didn’t feel like home when she finally got what she thought she wanted with Pat.

Then, in 1980, Candy used an axe to kill Betty Gore, inflicting 41 wounds on her body. She kept quiet at first, but ultimately during her trial, she asserted self-defense, which, in a bizarre plot twist, actually worked. Candy was exonerated.


Evidently Pat stood at Candy’s side throughout the entire process, but The Daily Mail claimed that Pat and Candy were divorced after moving to Georgia.

Candy reportedly took back her maiden name of Wheeler, while Pat reportedly vanished. Now that Hulu will be telling this story, we’re curious as to who will play Pat.

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