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How to Correct a Volume-Level Issue with One Air Pod?

Every once in a while, one of my AirPods or AirPods Pros will be noticeably louder than the other. The number of AirPods users reporting this issue is staggering, with some users claiming they’ve been dealing with it for years.

If you have one AirPod that is noticeably louder than the other, you may quickly and easily correct the problem.

There Are 5 Solutions to The Problem of One Air Pod Being Louder than The Other

1. Succ with It

  • If one of your AirPods is louder than the others, you can try to “suck” the largest speaker to bring the volume level back into balance (that you hear as soft).
  • If the sound quality of your AirPods isn’t quite there yet, keep sucking on them and giving them a try.
  • The AirPods build up ear wax, which blocks any outward sound, explaining why this strategy has been so successful. We owe Marie-Claude Leblanc in the Apple Support Communities thread for bringing this to our attention. This is a fantastic video that explains how to accomplish it:
  • A tiny towel should be used to separate the two as you suck on it. When you’re done blowing into the AirPods, you may wipe them clean with a cloth.
  • Hearing airflow through the AirPods is another indicator of improved audio quality.
  • In most cases, just trying this solution will solve the issue.

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2. Adjust the Audio Volume

The volume of the sound coming from either AirPod can be adjusted in the iPhone’s settings.

For several Apple customers and our own readers, adjusting this parameter to make sure the sound is balanced and not cut to a minimum has resulted in AirPods that are equally providing the same loudness.

How to Change This in I Os 13 on Your iPhone or iPad

why is one airpod louder than the other
  • Accessibility can be found in the settings menu.
    IOS 13 Configuration Options for Your iPhone
  • Next, go to the Settings menu and select Audio/Visual. From there, select Hearing, and then use the slider to equalize the left and right channels. In order to maintain a consistent volume level, keep it centered.
    This AirPod is Much Louder Than the Other One
  • For iOS 12 and before, go to your device’s Settings app, then tap General, and then tap Accessibility, and then tap Hearing.

3. Clean It

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Cleaned Your Air Pods?

  • Not being dust- and water-resistant is a major drawback of Apple’s AirPods. As a result, your AirPods may eventually become covered in grime and wax from being stored in the charging case, a particularly dust-prone area.
  • Cleaning your AirPods is as simple as brushing the speaker grills with a soft toothbrush. Each time you brush it, get a fresh cloth and wipe it down.
  • A cotton swab can also be used to clean the speaker grills softly and effectively.

4. Use Your Air Pods with A Different Gadget

If none of these solutions helps after multiple attempts, you may need to determine if your AirPods are defective. Some have advised trying your AirPods with a different device, such as a computer, a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, etc., to see if they are broken or not.

Test the quality of the AirPods’ audio by playing a video or song after you’ve connected them. If the AirPods are functional with another device, you may need to reset the settings on the problematic one.

How to Restore Your iPhone or iPad To Factory Settings:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and select General.
    This AirPod is Much Louder Than the Other One
  • Click the Reset button afterward.
  • As the last step, pick the reset button. According to Apple, when you reset all settings, everything from your network settings and Wi-Fi passwords to your keyboard dictionary, Home screen layout, location settings, privacy settings, and Apple Pay cards is erased or reverted to factory defaults. We do not remove any of your files or other material.
    This AirPod is Much Louder Than the Other One
  • If your AirPods stopped working before the reset, try using them again.

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5. Go to Apple and Ask for A Replacement

why is one airpod louder than the other
  • Stopping by an Apple Authorized Service Provider will get you in touch with someone and, if you’re still under warranty and haven’t had any other problems, may even get you a replacement if the above solutions haven’t worked. Also, its age can’t be over a year. A replacement could be made available to you if you have AppleCare.
  • If you’d rather not drive to the store and have a lengthy conversation with an employee about your problem, but you still want some help, you can send an email to the company and see if they can offer any advice.
  • To contact Apple with your AirPods’ audio quality, open a chat by going to the Get Support website and selecting the “AirPods” tab.

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