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An Instructional Guide for Downloading Instagram Reels!

Ever since their debut in 2020, Instagram’s Reels have consistently ranked among the platform’s most liked and commented-on posts. Due to Instagram’s preference for video content, uploading Reels is worthwhile for companies and creators on the site. This increases the likelihood that their content will be seen by a large number of people.

Unfortunately, there is currently no in-app option to save Instagram Reels for offline viewing, future reference, or import into another app. However, one should not fear, since there are several alternatives. What follows is information on how to get Reels made by other people onto your own device.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Reels

You’ll need to learn how to make Instagram Reels before you can access the download link. The essentials are summarised below.

Choose Reels from the Instagram camera’s settings menu. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a selection of editing options from which to build your demo reel.


Whether you’re looking for a specific song or want to incorporate some of your own creations, Instagram has you covered. All of the original music and sound effects in a shared reel will be credited to the uploader. Yet, if your account is public, other users can use your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your reel to include it in their own projects.


Instagram’s own as well as user-generated effects are featured in the gallery.

download instagram reels

Just put the recording function on the timer and you may make recordings without having to hold the device. If you press the record button, you’ll hear a three-second countdown before the recording begins.

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By utilizing the Align function, you may get the items in one clip to line up with those in the next before you record them. As a result, users are able to easily incorporate new elements into their reels or make transitions between humorous costume changes.


Any segment of the video or audio you’ve chosen can be played at your desired tempo. Whether you’re trying to keep time or create slow-motion videos, this is a fantastic tool.

Are you prepared to post your new masterpiece on Instagram and the rest of your social media accounts? You shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Instagram Reels is not as user-friendly as TikTok, which makes it simple to save and share videos.

An App-Based Guide to Downloading Instagram Reels

The Instagram app includes a feature called “Reels,” and here’s how to save them.

  • First, launch Instagram and use the app’s search function. You can then launch the desired Reels video for offline viewing from there.
  • One more place to do this is on a user’s profile. Open the video you want to download by tapping the new Reels tab, which is located right next to the IGTV tab.
  • With the Reel visible, select the option to save by tapping the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Back on Instagram’s main screen, tap your profile symbol, then the hamburger menu button, then Settings, then your account, and finally Saved to bring up the previously-saved reel. In the All Posts tab, you can find the videos you’ve downloaded.

Methods for Obtaining Instagram Movies for Android

Here’s how to get Instagram Reels on your Android phone. In order to do this, you’ll need to acquire yet another app from the Google Play store.

download instagram reels
  • Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost Instagram can be found in the Google Play store.
  • Launch the program after it has been installed, and go through the setup process. You’ll need to grant the app permission to access your device’s storage in order to do this. Once you’ve installed Video Downloader, you may return to Instagram and select the video you wish to save. Copy the link by selecting the ellipsis menu (three dots) and then selecting Copy Link.
  • Turn return to Video Downloader, and the URL for the clip you copied will have been automatically pasted.
  • The clip can be found in your phone’s image library. It can be modified and shared with other applications.

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Getting Instagram Videos on Your iPhone

  • Instagram Reels requires the companion app InSaver for Instagram, which can be obtained from the App Store.
  • Launch the program and configure it so it can read your media files. Get returned to Instagram and select the video from your Reels that you wish to save. Tap the menu button (three dots) > Copy Link.
  • Now that you have a copy of the Instagram URL, you can return to InSaver and paste it.
  • Click the “Watch It!” button, then “Options,” “Share,” and “Everyone.” To save the video to your device’s Photos app, tap Save Video.

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