The Top 7 Free Photo-Editing Apps for Smartphones!

The Google Play Store likely hosts hundreds, if not thousands, of photo editing applications. With so many choices, it can be difficult to select the best photo editing app.

Here are some of the finest free Android picture editing applications, selected by our editors. These recommendations aren’t ranked, but we’ve put some thought into how you would use a picture editor, so they’re organized accordingly. Now, then, shall we begin?

1 Pixlr

Pixlr is an excellent free picture editor that includes basic capabilities like cropping, rotating, and adjusting colors and brightness as well as more advanced features like selective blurring and spot coloring. Collage and page layouts are available for easy photo arranging. You can disable the app’s in-app advertisements for a little fee, but using the app’s functions is completely free. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

2. Adobe Express

Of Adobe’s several photo-editing programs, Adobe Express is far and away the most popular. However, most of the other photo editing programs out there are tailored more toward experienced editors. With Adobe Express’s streamlined interface and built-in editing shortcuts, you can finish a quick project in no time.

free photo editing apps

Adobe Express’s background removal tool is practically flawless, and it’s free. On other popular Android picture editors, you’ll have to pay to use this function. It’s also great for adding various styles of colorful lettering to photos.

You can refine your edits by using one of the various filters and adjusting the image’s contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, and sharpness. If you want to make an animated GIF, you’ll have six different alternatives to choose from.

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3. ScreenMaster

It’s possible to inadvertently reveal personal or confidential information while uploading screenshots. ScreenMaster solves this issue by allowing you to rapidly remove all identifying information from screenshots before sending them to others or posting them online.

ScreenMaster’s primary features include the ability to annotate photos, stitch several photos together, and grab content from the web. Protecting private data, combining several images, and screen-grabbing entire websites are all facilitated by these characteristics. This ScreenMaster user’s manual should serve as a useful resource for mastering the program’s fundamental capabilities.

The advertisements that appear throughout ScreenMaster are its lone drawback. In order to disable the advertisements, you can either pay a one-time cost or subscribe for a little price per month or per year.

4. PhotoDirector

free photo editing apps

Object removal, sky replacement, light rays, and many other special effects are just some of the features that make PhotoDirector the most powerful mobile picture editor available for both iOS and Android. However, the app’s layout might be confusing for first-time users, and it pushes you to upgrade to a paid version. For instance, using the premium features is limited to once a day in the free version.

5. Color Splash

There are specialized photo editing programs that excel at their single function. Color Splash is an app that, after converting your photo to black and white, lets you restore spot color back with your finger. The end result is stunning, and it’s surprisingly simple to do. All photos taken with the free version have a little watermark unless you pay for the pro version.

6. Snapseed

Any amateur photographer seeking a straightforward photo editor should go with this one. You simply pick the tool you want to use, adjust its intensity, or make any other adjustments you like, making it one of the most user-friendly photo editing tools available. You won’t get bogged down by any distracting knobs, sliders, or other widgets. White balance, perspective, HDR improvement, and lens blur are just some of the functions available. As an added bonus, you won’t be bothered by constant in-app upgrades or advertisements because this is a Google product. Both iOS and Android users can download Snapseed.

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7. Samsung Photo Editor

You may edit photos directly on your Samsung Galaxy mobile without resorting to an external app. It’s sufficient for most uses that the default photo editor in Samsung Gallery provides. You can snap a picture, and then immediately begin modifying it.

free photo editing apps

Standard editing features, such as text, cropping, rotating, brightness, contrast, exposure, and a plethora of filters, are all included in Samsung’s Photo Editor. You may also make a custom emoji of yourself and use it as a placeholder for other items in the photo editor.

If you’re the touch-and-go kind who uses a Samsung mobile, you can make use of the built-in software to get your images done quickly.

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