Instructions on How to Print from An Android Phone or Tablet..!

It may sound tough or weird to print from your Android phone, but this isn’t the year 2013.

These days, wireless printing is frequently incorporated into productivity or work-related apps, so as long as you have a wifi-enabled printer, you should be able to effortlessly print right from your Android phone with just a few taps.

How to Print from A Tablet or Phone Running Android

The majority of printers come with WiFi, but if yours only supports Bluetooth printing, you must the first couple the printer with your Android phone in order to print. To accomplish that, ensure sure Bluetooth is enabled and discoverable on your printer.

Open the Settings app on your phone, select Connected devices, and then select Pair new device. Select the Bluetooth printer once your phone has located it to continue the pairing process. You ought to be able to print normally once you’ve paired.

Since it is not standardized, the print command’s precise placement differs from app to app. You might need to do a little exploring on your own because it’s not possible to describe where to find the option to start printing in every significant Android app. But it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Here is a guide on printing from Google Docs.

how to print in android phone

1. Verify that your printer is turned on and that Bluetooth or WiFi is enabled for wireless connectivity.

2. Verify that your Android phone is logged into the same WiFi network as the printer if you’re using WiFi.

3. Open the document and launch the app you wish to use to print from. Hence, launch Google Docs.

4. Click the top-right three-dot menu.

5. Select Print after selecting Share & export.

6. Choose the printer at the top of the page. Printing to a PDF file (which turns the file into a PDF) and any networked wireless printers are options.

7. Make any other selections, including the number of copies, the page size and orientation, duplex printing, and whether to print in color or black & white.

8. To begin printing, tap the printer icon.

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How to Print from A Tablet or Phone Running Android

1. Start by opening the file you want to print.

2. Select “Print” from the menu.

Depending on the device, program, and file type you’re using, this procedure will vary. Generally, look for the three lines or three dots to open the menu by scanning the upper corners of the screen.

You can print files in Google Docs and Drive by selecting the file from the main menu and clicking the three dots next to the file name.

Swipe up on the image you want to print in Apple Photos, then scroll through the menu to the right until you see the “Print” icon.

how to print in android phone

3. A print menu will start to appear. The number of copies, the paper size, the paper’s orientation, as well as a few other options, are all up to you to determine.

4. Click the drop-down option to choose a printer. If your printer isn’t shown, make sure you’re connected by checking the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

5. Click “print.” Your printer will receive your document.

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Utilizing Google Cloud Print to Print

You can print documents from any device, anywhere, using Google’s Cloud Print technology, whether you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer or not. Since it’s integrated into Android, there’s no need to download or maintain any other software, making it the best method to print from Android-powered devices.

how to print in android phone

You must follow a few different steps, which are listed below, in order to use Cloud Print. If Cloud Print isn’t already installed on your smartphone, you can quickly do it from the Google Play Store by clicking here.

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