How to Use Your Desktop or Mobile App to Put a Pin on Google Maps

Given how simple it is to use, Google Maps has established itself as a necessary resource for getting around town (and has been amusingly name-checked in pop culture).

Almost every address may be found by just typing it into the search box, but occasionally it won’t exactly work.

You might want to put a pin on the map instead if the location you’re attempting to get to doesn’t have an address or if the address is incorrect. Similarly, if you don’t know the precise address, it might be acceptable to simply place a pin around the area.

Both a desktop computer and a mobile device may complete the task easily.

Your iPhone or Android phone should be pinned.

No matter what phone you use, the procedure for placing a pin on the Google Maps mobile app is the same.

1. Start the Google Maps application.

2. Locate the spot on the map where the pin should go, and then zoom in as much as necessary to make it visible.

3. Tap and hold the desired location for the pin drop until the pin materializes beneath your finger.

drop a pin

4. The pin may now be used. To obtain instructions from your current location to the dropped pin, for instance, press “Directions.”

You can save this pin for later if you’d like. Give it a name by tapping “Label” from the oval menu options on the pin to accomplish that. After then, it will always be accessible in Your Places. (Take note that Google Maps for Android and iPhone functions significantly differently. Both apps allow you to save and label fallen pins, however on Android, you must press the info box at the bottom of the screen to see all of your options in order to access the Label button.)

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Pin the desktop down.

1. Start your PC and Google Maps.

2. Zoom in and out of the map until you locate the spot where you want to put a pin.

3. Select the area with a click before dropping the pin. At the bottom of the screen, an info box and a tiny grey pin should both show.

Use the pin at this point. Google Maps will launch the navigation page if you click the blue Navigate symbol in the info box. You can type in the starting point to obtain driving instructions. You can also click somewhere else in the info box to see a pane with further details about the place you choose to appear. To save this place to Your Places and make it easier to find in the future, click the Save icon from here.

drop a pin

In Google Maps, only one pin can be dropped at a time; if you click or tap the screen again, the new pin replaces the old one. Additionally, you must be in your Google account in order to save a dropped pin to Your Places.

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Placing Markers in Computerised Google Maps

Step 1. Go to the Google Maps website in the first step.

Step 2: Use the search bar in the top left corner of the screen to look for an address, or use the map’s zoom feature to move the cursor to the desired area. A pin is automatically dropped by the search bar where you last searched. Nothing further needs to be done.

Step 3. left-click the area where you wish to insert the pin. If there is already a marker there, you might need to zoom in or click a little to either side of the desired location. At the bottom right of the screen, a small grey pin and an information box will display.

drop a pin

Step 4: Click anywhere in the info box to bring up more details about the location you’ve chosen, or press the navigation symbol to receive directions to the dropped pin.

Step 5: Click Save to add the pin to Your Favorites, Want to Go, Starred Places, or a New List from the extra information screen. Under Your Places in the top menu, you may view saved pins.

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