Packing Hacks: 6 Amazing Packing Hacks In 2022!

For almost a decade, I’ve been on the road pretty much nonstop. Being a savvy traveller requires practice, just like any other talent.

For the first few years of my life spent travelling, I packed in the same manner that my parents had in the 1990s. As a result, I had to check a big suitcase that was jam-packed with most of my belongings and take on a little daypack. Sometimes my luggage showed up at the baggage claim as it should. It didn’t always. However, no matter what, checking bags was a headache and a concern.

Everything was altered by two events. First, I came to the conclusion that I needed to streamline my vacation plans and pack only one carry-on bag. Saying that doing, nevertheless. The second key adjustment occurred after I purchased a travel backpack on the advice of one of my traveling companions, which made achieving my new “carry on only” aim much simpler.

It had nothing short of revolutionary effects on my trips. I’m not faking it.

It was a game-changer to be able to carry all I required for months or even years of nonstop travel in comfort and efficiency. The time and tension involved in checking and collecting baggage mounts when you board and exit airplanes multiple times every month. All of it was done away with by my new backpack.

As I went, I learned more and more tricks for packing efficiently in my carry-on bag. I managed to fit an incredible amount of items into my backpack using my newly discovered tricks.

Travel Packing Tip Tricks

The first step in making the most of your carry-on packing is to invest in a bag that maximizes space efficiency and makes the most of the airline carry-on allowance. That has already been discussed, so we can go on to some particular packing tips.

1 Cut out the filler

The truth is that a lot of it—possibly even most of it—will never leave its spot in your luggage, despite the fact that it would seem shrewd to carry along a bunch of random stuff for every conceivable situation. Ask yourself what provides true value for the amount of room it takes up among all of your travel belongings spread out on the floor. You should assume that it won’t be used if you think it might. Let it stay at home.

2. Shop for Size

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Gear is in its heyday right now. Travel-related product designers have become more adept at reducing the size of their creations to maximize their utility. In order to avoid disappointment, measure everything before you buy.

This is true of more than just travel bags. Leave the large, bulky towel at home. Choose a modern travel towel instead that can be folded down to the size of your fist. That’s merely one instance. Look for clever, compact gear design.

3. Don’t stack; instead, fold and roll

As tried and true as they come, this one is. Folded clothing takes up too much room. For example, three rolled pairs of pants will take up the same amount of room as one folded pair.

We provide comprehensive advice on how to pack without wrinkles and roll versus fold your clothing. The short version is that folding is where the process actually begins. Each item should be folded as neatly as you can, eliminating any air bubbles. When you can roll them securely. Clothing that has been rolled up can then be put in packing cubes to assist keep them in place.

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4. Consider Your Shoes Carefully

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Be mindful when choosing your shoes because they take up room. Bringing the fewest number of pairings is the most crucial thing you can do. Instead of bringing separate pairs of dress shoes, gym shoes, and walking shoes, locate one stylish pair of sturdy sneakers that can be used for all three occasions. Put socks, underpants, or a belt inside your bag after your shoes are there.

I also like to stuff shoes into the water bottle holder or use a carabiner to attach them to the outside of my bag. I’ve never received a complaint from a carrier yet because a pair of shoes hang outside the permitted size range for carry-on luggage. Plus, it keeps stinky, filthy shoes away from your clothing.

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5. Everything Has a Place

Your belongings need to be as efficiently organized if you want to utilize every available inch of your bag.

I should once more mention my Outbreaker Backpack, which is unmatched in terms of organizational ability. There is absolutely no other travel bag with compartments, pockets, and small-item organizers that are so thoughtfully organized.

You have the freedom to arrange your belongings any way you see fit thanks to the Outbreaker. There isn’t a single “correct way” to pack it. But it’s up to you to determine what belongs where. You can Tetris in more items if you have an organized mental map of their locations, and it will be simpler to locate items when you need them on the fly.

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6. Instead of Liquid Soap, Use Solid Soap

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There are solid travel versions of every type of soap you would require, including body wash, shampoo, and laundry detergent (which is available in super-packable travel sheets). Solid soaps won’t leak in your bag, are TSA-friendly, and are simpler to pack.

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