Camper Hacks: 10 Brilliant Camper Hacks In 2022!

The typical camper is typically 8 feet wide (excluding any slide-outs). This means that your typical living area is considerably smaller than the typical 2,500-square-foot home. You might need to get creative with how you organize your storage because of the limited space.

We’ve listed the top 10 camper storage tips for your RV to assist you make space savings.

1. Organizing the Children’s Closet

Clothing organization, particularly for children’s clothing, is a prominent topic in camper storage. You could not have a separate clothing area or drawers, depending on your RV. Utilize what you do have in inventive ways.

Sammy @bigheartstinyspaces has some clever camper storage ideas.

Use crates, containers, and baskets to store clothing. Space can be saved by using the rolling approach.

If you don’t have enough space, add tension rods to provide hanging space (or any).

When you have closet space but need somewhere to tuck items away, use hanging storage solutions.

2. Tips for Conserving Space: Vacuum Bags

camper hacks

Vacuum bags make the ideal garment or other soft item storage solution for campers.

All of the air is removed from the product in vacuum bags, which reduces the amount of room they require. This is ideal for additional bedding or linens as well as clothing for the season. Our seasonal bedding is kept in the linen closet of my RV, and we store additional clothing in the dinette booth.

3. Keep your fridge inside.

These fridge camper storage techniques will certainly be useful if your RV doesn’t include a home fridge. Is there a better way to fit everything inside your RV fridge? It can feel like playing Tetris.

Unraveled Thyme’s Paige responds, “Yes!” Her tips for organizing a refrigerator in a camper include:

Use containers to group related products and keep loose objects contained. This gives everything a place to call home.

Label containers to make things simple.

Storage space can be saved by removing extra packing. Additionally, you may use this in your pantries and cabinets!

4. Deal with your pantry.

If your RV is fortunate enough to have a pantry, you had better be making the most of it.

I organize my pantry using methods similar to those Paige suggests for your fridge. Use resealable containers for perishable items and cardboard boxes to keep items together, such as spices (like rice).

On the bottom shelf, I also keep small kitchen items like our electric kettle, toaster, and rice cooker. They are accessible but out of the way in this manner.

5. Simple storing of spice racks

camper hacks

Some campers have storage spaces that are oddly formed. The spice organizer Laura from @coolmomandcollected discovered changed the way she cooked.

Utilize any available space to its fullest potential by buying a storage solution or using any boxes you may already have.

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6. Make full use of the shelf depth

There are numerous sizes and types of camper storage. Use the area at the back, all the way in the back, for those incredibly deep storage shelves.

To keep anything in the very back orderly, use a box or container. The shelf in this example is fairly large, as you can see, but the idea is the same regardless of width.

7. Maximize the use of your bathroom.

Maximize the little bathroom space you have.

stairs handle Jen offers these bathroom storage suggestions:

Get rid of any outdated or unwanted goods.
To make the most of vertical space, add shelves.
Keep supplies like cotton balls and Q-tips in compact containers with lids. This reduces the need for large boxes and serves as decorative furniture.
In the shower, install a tension rod to hang a shower caddy.

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8. Make use of the wall space

Produce sacks that are hung up for storage are another common option. Like fruits and vegetables, not everything needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Utilize any available wall space by hanging produce to store it.

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9. Peg board organization

camper hacks

Another clever use of wall space for camper storage comes from Megan @outdoorishrv and her peg board setup. This can be applied to any open wall, but the garage or “basement” regions benefit most from its use.

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10. Outdoor Storage

Finally, buy storage bins on rollers to maximize the outdoor or “basement” storage. The storage may then be rolled out so you can access it and utilize the complete breadth of your storage space.

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