Netflix Hacks: 7 Amazing Netflix Hacks In 2022!

If there was ever a good moment to become familiar with Netflix tricks, this is it. After all, the streaming service has essentially taken over as our main source of entertainment while we’re in quarantine.

These Netflix techniques are really your first step toward being a Netflix expert, even though we’ve been constantly sharing recommendation lists. Not to mention, everyone has seen the new Top 10 recommendations on the Netflix main page.

You’ll become an expert Netflix user with these 7 top tricks.

1. Control your bandwidth allowance

When the entire family uses the same WiFi connection, managing bandwidth can be challenging. While your child is engrossed in Peppa Pig repeats, imagine that you are attempting to complete some work.

You can manage it if you don’t care if every profile streams at the maximum possible quality. To change the playback settings, select the desired profile from the dropdown menu under Account>Profile & Parental Controls and click “Change.” To limit the amount of streaming bandwidth the particular profile uses, set the Data Usage Per Screen to Low or Medium.

2. Check out What’s Coming Soon

A terrific place to learn about all the Netflix shows that are, uh, coming soon is the “Coming Soon” option on mobile devices. You can view the trailer and the synopsis using this tab.

Additionally, you may click the “Remind Me” bell symbol to receive a notification when a particular Netflix series or movie debuts if you’re looking forward to that particular one in particular. You won’t miss anything that way.

3. Set a Password for Your Profile

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You’ve therefore given your child a Kid Profile (found under Manage Profiles) and told them to use it just to access Netflix.

However, you might have a sneaking suspicion that they may access your account and feel the need to monitor what they’re viewing. You do not, however, have to be a Hopper to your Eleven.

To prevent your child from ever accessing your profile from any device, you may simply establish a 4-digit Profile Lock.

Go to Account>Profile & Parental Controls, choose the desired profile, and click “Change” next to Profile Lock to set a lock.

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4. Sign up For Personalised Recommendations

You are aware that Netflix offers a huge selection of television shows and films? Additionally, this Netflix trick subscribes you to recommendations that even an experienced browser could overlook. Netflix uses email as one method to accomplish this. Emails are typically sent only to the account holder.

But what happens if you don’t own the account? If you use multiple profiles, you can add a profile email, and Netflix will then email you recommendations for shows to watch, updates on new features, etc. To add a profile, choose it under Account>Profile & Parental Controls, then click “Add” next to the profile’s email address.

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5. Search the Quirky Collection

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We just published a list of Netflix secret codes that will open all the different genres on the streaming service. Here’s a Netflix trick for maximizing the search bar right now. Instead of looking for a certain show, movie, or even actor, consider searching based on your mood.

For instance, look for feel-good, romantic office TV episodes to watch over the course of one weekend.

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6. Share Your Favourites in A Click

For everything we want to share with our peers, Instagram stories are our go-to tool. Why not share Netflix when you can also share news, memes, and Spotify playlists?

The usual method of sharing your favorite movies and TV episodes over the phone or text is still an option, but you can also just open the movie or show on the Netflix app, tap “Share,” and then publish it to Instagram Stories, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Messages.

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7. Subtitle Resizing

You may adjust the font size and color of the subtitles on Netflix using a little-known hack that takes into account your visual needs and personal preferences. Select Subtitle Appearance under Your Account to do this. Everything may be customized, from font and color to background and shadow style.

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