Baseboard Cleaning Hacks: 6 Best Baseboard Cleaning Hacks In 2022!

Baseboard maintenance is not exciting. However, it’s the kind of job that, when done perfectly, improves the feel and appearance of your house. It’s unlikely that anyone will ever comment on how clean your baseboards are. However, they may be a single spotless component of your lean, mean, spotless house.

You can try cleaning your baseboards in six different ways this weekend (or whenever it’s convenient for you). One of these tips might fit your cleaning style even though it’s unusual, simple, thorough, or one you’ve never heard of before!

Our best recommendation is to involve the family to expedite the process. How often should you, therefore, attempt this task? Basically, it depends on what you require.

If you live alone and keep everything else reasonably clean, you might be able to get away with scrubbing the baseboards once or twice a month. However, homes with a lot of fur and hair should think about wiping them once a week.

1 The Magic Eraser Technique

baseboard cleaning hacks

Simply swipe with a stack of Magic Erasers (or another brand of your choice), some warm, soapy water, or vinegar and water. Before wiping, thoroughly ring out the sponge to prevent leaving too-damp boards to dry. If your baseboards aren’t painted, use wood cleaning instead.

2. Using Cleaning Wipes

baseboard cleaning hacks

Grab a box of wipes, and start wiping. This is especially beneficial if your home is small or you don’t have a lot of free time. The drawback is that using throwaway items is more wasteful than using reusable ones.

3. Using Dryer Sheets

baseboard cleaning hacks

Take a Swiffer and a box of fabric softener sheets and wipe your baseboards. Your baseboards will be coated with some dust-repelling characteristics thanks to the dryer sheets.

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4. The Broom Method

baseboard cleaning hacks

You might only need to dust your baseboards if they aren’t overly dirty. Use the appropriate tools for the work to make life easy for yourself. Use a small handheld broom, or a clean paintbrush if you don’t have one of those (those for edging would work great).

In order to collect any hair and dust that gets swept off when you sweep your baseboards in this manner, you might want to do it before vacuuming your floors. Use your vacuum’s bristle-equipped tiny sweeper attachment to dust your boards if you have one.

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5. The Sock Technique 

baseboard cleaning hacks

First, gather an old sock. Step 2: Insert a single-use toilet brush into the sock. Step 3: Spray your preferred cleaning agent (mild soap, vinegar, and water, or wood cleaner) onto the sock and swipe. Darn if it doesn’t sound simple (and, dare we say, enjoyable?) to do, even though you’ll probably look a little insane doing it.

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6. The Most Thorough Method

Imperfect Homemaking has a very detailed baseboard cleaning lesson that is yet simple to follow. If you haven’t maintained your baseboards in a while (or ever), you might want to start here before moving on to any of the other simpler upkeep techniques.

Simply use a dry brush to remove any dust, then wash your hands with warm water and soap while using a warm towel (or sponge, or sock), and finally grab some cotton swabs to use in the tight spaces.

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