Shower Head Cleaning Hacks: 7 Best Shower Head Cleaning Hacks in 2022!

As a homeowner, there are already too many things to worry about. Every corner you turn has too many unswept crumbs, a ceiling fan is covered in too much dust, a couch is covered in too much pet hair, and the yard needs to be mowed before it starts to rain.

And although though the bathroom is one of the areas of the house with the most bacteria, oddly enough, it’s less so than the kitchen (yuck), the shower head doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves when it comes to spring cleaning (or summer, or fall). One of those items that you only remember to clean when it actually breaks.

Cleaning your shower head, however, need to be a seasonal priority, claims cleaning business RocketMaids. If you can’t reach it every four months, you have roughly two months before you should actually get in there and remove the filth and hard water buildup. According to Apartment Therapy, plumbing problems can arise after six months.

There is only one catch: You should avoid using bleach when you finally find the opportunity to do this frequently postponed duty. According to the Shower Head Store, scientists have found that cleaning your shower head with bleach might potentially treble the number of bacteria present.

What then can you use? We’re here to break down a few of the top products to update your shower head.

1. Soak your shower head in vinegar

shower head cleaning hacksIf you’re one of those folks who like doing passive cleaning (Roomba owners, we’re looking at you), you’re in luck: One of the best ways to clean your shower head requires very little labor and attention, and it takes care of everything.

A Ziploc baggie, some white or apple cider vinegar, and an elastic band or sturdy, waterproof tape are all required. The shower head should be inserted into the plastic bag with the vinegar about halfway full.

To stop any liquid from spilling out, shut it with the elastic band or with tape. The remaining water in the bag can then be turned on to slowly turn on the shower, filling the bag to the top of the shower head.

You should fill the bag gradually since too much water pressure could cause a small vinegar explosion.

The most exciting part is up next: Set it and forget it. Depending on how bad the condition is, you should give the shower head at least one hour to soak.

According to CNet, after your timer goes off, remove the bag from the shower head and pour the liquid down the toilet. It must be as good as new, but it must be repeated as necessary.

2. Clean your shower head with baking soda paste

shower head cleaning hacks

Neither vinegar nor sugar? not a problem We’re prepared to wager that you also have one or two additional common items lying around that can perform the grunt job for you.

All you need is some water and baking soda, and because we’re in the restroom right now, half of that is already available to you! Baking soda and water should be combined to create a thick paste that is neither too watery nor too clumpy, according to Morning Chores.

Apply a generous amount of the mixture to the shower head; don’t be scared to cover the nozzles since there is typically where the majority of the buildup develops. To check your effects, turn on the shower head and give it a quick rinse after 30 minutes.

Taste of Home also suggests combining around four or five drops of dish soap with two tablespoons of baking soda and little vinegar for a little extra shine or cleaning power to thoroughly clean the shower head. Even better than option one, you can drown it in a bag!

3. Do Not Be Reluctant to Use Toothbrushes and Toothpicks on Your Shower Head.

shower head cleaning hacks

When it comes to cleaning your shower head, you can use anything from a sponge to a microfiber cloth, but you’ll appreciate having a few tools on hand to help you get into the nozzles’ intricate details.

According to General Plumbing, as long as you’re delicate when doing so, using toothpicks to help remove any gunk and debris caked into your shower head is entirely safe. They won’t harm the shower head’s internal components because they are short, and they will also assist in clearing anything obstructing the holes.

Using a toothbrush or non-abrasive scrub brush on a regular basis is an additional alternative. @shannen Castro, a TikTok user, provides her go-to tip for reducing the effort of cleaning later on: In the shower, always keep a stand-up brush filled with Dawn dish soap and vinegar.

It’s a win-win because you can clean everything more frequently and use it as a microphone to sing along to your favorite songs in the shower.

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4. Scrub shower heads made of chrome with lemon

shower head cleaning hacks

It’s always vital to do your research before beginning any home DIY project, whether it’s a straightforward spring cleaning activity or significant improvements. In this situation, you must ensure that the cleaning procedure you choose won’t damage the finish of your shower head.

For instance, even while vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaner, it can corrode some more brittle metals, like chrome, over time. The same is true for several professional cleansers; always confirm that a product is safe to use before allowing it to wet your shower head!

Another all-natural solution may work if your shower head is chrome, according to Simply Maid:

Slice a lemon in half, then squeeze the juice into a bowl with some warm water to thin it out. This acidic concoction, which works as a terrific cleanser in place of some more harsh choices, can then be applied to the lemon’s actual pith to wipe down and scour the shower head.

We give this technique extra points because it serves as both a tool and a cleaning solution.

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5. Opt for oven cleaner for hard-hit shower heads

This one isn’t for the weak of heart (we mean it — you may faint without the proper safeguards), but if your shower head hasn’t been used for a while, it could be necessary to haul out the big guns.

Examine your cleaning materials for oven cleaner before rushing to the store to get a commercial-grade cleaner. Although the recipe is comparable and will provide the same results, you must be ready to take the necessary safety precautions if you choose this path.

Due to the potency of the chemical cleaning, Morning Chores advises that you should wear both gloves and a mask, particularly in confined spaces like the bathroom.

After getting dressed, spray the cleaner on the shower head, let it sit for no more than 20 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it. That ought to finish degunking those unpleasant nozzles once and for all.

6. To clean your shower head, crack open a Coca-Cola.

shower head cleaning hacks

Some people might be astonished by this cleaning trick, but for those who have wondered what precisely is in Coca-Cola for so long, it may not come as much of a shock. In actuality, the much-loved soda is a highly suggested fix to revive your shower head!

Coke is rather acidic because of its pH balance of 2.0. Coke is usually suggested as a last-minute DIY cleaning tip because of its ability to dissolve stains thanks to its phosphoric acid content.

Coke is a fantastic choice to restore some of that shine around the edge of your shower head because hard water accumulation can result in all kinds of stains there, as observed by Morning to Bed.

Simply replace a portion of the vinegar combination in option one with soda, then fasten the liquid-filled bag to the shower head. Remove the bag after at least 30 minutes of soaking the shower head.

You’ll be set to go with substantially fewer traces of hard water wear on your shower head if you give it a good rinse.

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7. WD-40 can help you save your shower head.

shower head cleaning hacks

It’s a safe bet that any homeowner who has experienced the hassle of a loud door hinge has some WD-40 on hand for the next squeaky issue. However, the traditional lubricant has benefits beyond only eliminating annoyance squeaks. Unbelievable as it may seem, WD-40 may also clean your shower head!

On the company’s website, it is advised to only use the WD-40 if you are disassembling the shower head to thoroughly clean it. After removing the shower head’s screw, thoroughly spray the nozzle with WD-40 to dislodge any minerals, debris, or hidden microorganisms that may have become lodged there.

To thoroughly remove some of the dirt, you might need to go back in with a brush or toothpick, but the heavy-duty cleaner should handle most of the work here.

So that no traces of chemicals are left behind, make sure to thoroughly wash the shower head with soap and water afterward. In this manner, you may actually take some time to unwind after you return to your spotless showerhead because you deserve it.


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