Why Did Gypsy Crusader Go to Jail? Is He Still in the Jail and What Happened to him?

American far-right political commentator, streamer, white supremacist, former Muay Thai fighter, and convicted felon Paul Nicholas Miller (born August 11, 1988), better known online as GypsyCrusader.

His most well-known live streams feature him cosplaying characters like the Joker, the Riddler, Mario, and others while discussing politics with complete strangers on the website Omegle.

He has gained notoriety for his white nationalist and neo-Nazi views as well as his support for armed conflict between races. His associations with far-right and alt-right groups like the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo movement are well-documented.

Why Did Gypsy Crusader Go to Jail?

Where Did the Gypsy Crusader Go to Prison? On Wednesday, rumors began circulating online that Paul had been released from jail; if you’re curious about Why Was Gypsy Crusader In Jail?

you can find the answer here. In 2021, GypsyCrusader was sentenced to 41 months in prison. Find out the full story of Gypsy Crusader’s incarceration and the reason he was put behind bars right here.

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Famous American far-right political commentator, white supremacist, streamer, former Muay Thai fighter, and convicted felon, GypsyCrusader (real name Paul Nicholas Miller).

After pleading guilty to charges in 2021, including felons in possession of a weapon, GypsyCrusader was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

The authorities were looking for him in 2021 because he had been spraying hateful messages while dressed as the Joker, as reported by The Washington Post. This Gypsy Crusader sequel has everyone curious.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, home of GypsyCrusader was raided by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, who found a rifle and 848 rounds of ammunition. He had previously admitted guilt in a separate case from 2007 for aggravated assault and drug possession with the intent to distribute.

What Happened to Gypsy Crusader?

Paul Miller, age 32, who goes by the name ‘Gypsy Crusader’ to his 42,000 Telegram followers, was seen crying in court as he was handed a sentence of 41 months in prison.

Why Did Gypsy Crusader Go to Jail? Is He Still in the Jail and What Happened to Gypsy Crusader?

A neo-Nazi from Florida who liked to dress up as the Joker and broadcast racist video threats was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for collecting ammunition for an “upcoming civil war.”

Gypsy Crusader Was a Fighter?

Miller started his Muay Thai training when he was 20 years old, in the year 2008. In 2008, after only three months of training, he participated in his first amateur fight. He began his training at 9 Weapons Muay Thai and afterward continued his education at The Institute.

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In the World Kickboxing Association, he won both the Regional Light-Heavyweight Championship and the United States National Championship. After that, he started a career as a trainer and coach, eventually working at The Institute.

Frequently Ask Questions

 in How Many Years Has Gypsy Crusader Lived?

GypsyCrusader is 34 years old at this point in time.

 At What Height Does Gypsy Crusader Stand?

The height of GypsyCrusader is five feet and eight inches.

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