Who is Eminem Daughter? Is He Going to Marry With Eminem’s Daughter!

Evan received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Michigan State University, where he also received his undergraduate degree. Evan was quick to enter the job market and worked as an intern at Axalta Coating Systems while he was still a student. While he was still in school.

At the moment, he is serving on BMC Capital and Technology’s Board of Directors as a member of the Board of Directors. While doing so, he is also employed by Scout in the capacity of Enterprise Growth Executive.

Evan has managed to keep the media out of his relationship and his personal life, despite the fact that his professional life appears to be very busy. Despite this, we do get a glimpse of him and Hailie every once in a while through her various social media platforms.

Who is Eminem Daughter?

On December 25, 1995, in the city of Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, Hailie Jade Scott was born to her parents, Kim Scott and Eminem.

The elementary school that Hailie attended when she was younger was called Cherokee. She attended Chippewa Valley High School and received her diploma in the year 2014. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Michigan State University (MSU) in June 2018, after completing her studies at that institution.

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Despite having earned a degree in Psychology from Michigan State University, Hailie Jade made the decision to pursue a career as a social media influencer after she graduated from that institution.

She is currently seeing Evan McClintock for her romantic needs. At the university, she first became romantically involved with McClintock, and the couple began dating in 2016.


In high school, Hailie Mathers and Evan McClintock first came face to face with one another. According to what is written on his Facebook profile, he and Hailie have been dating ever since they first met on December 2, 2016. After graduating from high school, they both continued their education at Michigan State University.

Because Hailie wanted to conceal the nature of her relationship with her partner from the general public, she and her partner made a limited number of public appearances together.

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She said, “I very infrequently share my feed, but on the occasions that I do, I’m thrilled that it is with you in the letter dated July 2021.”

Since 2016, He Has Been Romantically Involved With Hailie Jade Scott.

The couple began dating in 2016, having initially met while they were both students at Michigan State University. Although the majority of the photos on Scott’s Instagram account are of her by herself, her boyfriend has made a few appearances there as well.

Who is Evan Mcclintock? Is He Going to Marry With Eminem's Daughter!

She posted two pictures of herself and McClintock on Christmas Day, 2019, which was also her birthday. The pictures were taken at her 1970s-themed roller disco party. She has also posted him on other significant holidays, such as her 21st birthday, Saint Patrick’s Day in 2017, and Halloween in 2018.

Both He and Hailie Jade Scott Make an Effort to Keep Their Relationship Relatively Under Wraps.

The couple does not tend to share very much with the public, with the exception of the photographs that they take together on occasion.

In point of fact, McClintock’s Instagram account is locked down and has just over 700 followers, in contrast to Scott’s account, which has three million users following it.

He Has the Blessing of Hailie Jade Scott’s Parents and Siblings.

It would appear that Scott’s famous father approves of McClintock as a partner (whose real name is Marshall Mathers). During an interview that took place on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in March 2020, Eminem made a passing reference to the boyfriend of his daughter.

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When Tyson inquired as to whether or not Hailie had any children of her own, the rapper responded, “No babies.” “Nothing more than a boyfriend. He remarked that she was doing well and went on to say, “She has made me proud without a doubt.”

In July 2021, after Scott had posted a photo with McClintock, Eminem’s younger brother Nathan Kane Mathers expressed his approval of the couple by commenting, “My Homie Evan.”

They Announced Their Engagement in February of 2023.

Through a touching post on Instagram on February 6, 2023, Scott informed her followers of her engagement with McClintock.


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She posted images of herself and her fiancé drinking champagne and showing off her engagement ring alongside the caption, “casual weekend recap…2.4.23 I love you.

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