Who is Murray Bartlett Dating? A Look At His Current Relationship!

Murray is also well-known as an Australian actor whose roles in Neighbours, All My Children, and Guiding Light are among his most famous work.

Is Murray Bartlett gay? Fans of Murray Bartlett can check this article to find out if Murray Bartlett is gay or not.  Here we have Murray Bartlett’s Age, Height, and Name of Murray Bartlett’s Girlfriend, so read the article and know all about Murray Bartlett.

Quick Facts About the Murray Barlet

Name Murray Bartlet
Birth March 20, 1971
Nationality Australian
Gender Not Confirmed
Occupation Actor
Relationship Not confirmed
Net Worth $14 Million

Who is Murray Bartlett?

Murray Bartlett was born on March 20, 1971, in Sydney. He moved to Perth with his family when he was four years old. He went to John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle, and in 1988 he got his diploma from the drama program there. When he finished high school, he was accepted into Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Bartlett worked as an actor in Australia for a number of years. He had a part in the TV show headLand. On Neighbours in 1993, he played con man Luke Foster. In 2000, he moved to the United States. A few years later, he got his first big break when he was hired as a guest star on the HBO shows Sex and the City.

In four episodes of the SciFi Channel show Farscape, he also played D.K., who was John Crichton’s best friend. In 2006, he joined Hugh Jackman in an Australian touring company production of The Boy from Oz, Jackman’s Broadway hit.

Is Murray Bartlett Married? Bartlett played Cyrus Foley on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light from March 2007 until September 2009, when the show was canceled. From 2014 to 2015, he played Dominic “Dom” Basaluzzo on the comedy-drama show Looking on HBO.

In 2016, he played the same character in the series’ last episode, Looking: The Movie, which aired on TV. He had a recurring part in the musical drama series Nashville in 2017.   Tales of the City was brought back by Netflix, and Bartlett played the main character, Michael “Mouse” Tolliver.

In the 2021 movie The White Lotus, Bartlett played Armond, the manager of a luxury resort and a former drug addict who has been “clean” for 5 years.  Bartlett got the part by putting together a self-tape audition.   Bartlett won the AACTA Award, Critics’ Choice Television Award, and Primetime Emmy Award for his role. He was also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Independent Spirit Award.

In the 2023 episode “Long, Long Time” of the HBO drama The Last of Us, which was set after the end of the world, Bartlett played Frank. The episode was praised by everyone, and most people thought it was the best of the first season.

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Who is Murray Bartlett Dating?

Even though Murray is rumored to be dating someone, Bartlett’s true love is still unknown. The answer is still a mystery, and many people have made guesses about who this mysterious partner is. Have they told everyone about their love, or will it stay a secret?

As was already said, Murray is not married. Instead, he is in a same-sex relationship with a man named Matt. But we don’t know much else about Bartlett’s strange relationship. It is known that Murray’s husband, Matt, does not work in the same field as the Australian actor.

But it’s not clear if the couple is married or how long they’ve been together. Also, they haven’t been seen in public together yet. Before his Emmy acceptance speech in September 2022, many people didn’t even know that he was dating or that his partner’s name was Matt.

Is Murray Bartlett Married?

Also, it’s not clear who Matt is or what he does. Murray has said that he and his boyfriend live in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a small town on Cape Cod on the coast of the state. Bartlett and Matt moved in together during the global epidemic of 2020.

The Neighbors star had lived in Brooklyn for 17 years before moving to Los Angeles. The couple moved because they wanted to be closer to nature and make a home with their chosen family.

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Murray Bartlett’s  Relationship Journey

Bartlett said in an interview that moving to Massachusetts with his boyfriend was a lucky break and that he should have done it sooner. So, Matt taped his audition for The White Lotus in his garage, the show that would win him an Emmy.

Speaking of which, when Murray won the Emmy in September 2022, he thanked his partner Matt by calling him his “shelter.” In a previous interview with Mr. Porter in January 2023, Bartlett, who went to John Curtin College, said that his friend Matt was the one who saw his Emmy win coming.

Murray said that his partner told him, “Something is going to happen, and I don’t want us to be living in the city,” before she convinced him to move to Massachusetts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Murray Bartlett’s Marital Status?

Murray Bartlett is not with anyone.

2. How Many Relationships Did Murray Bartlett Have?

Murray Bartlett has been with at least one person before.

3. How Many Children Does Murray Bartlett Have?

He doesn’t have any kids.

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