What Happened To Mark Middleton? What is the Cause of His Death?

Cause of Death for Mark Middleton Former Bill Clinton aide Mark Middleton worked as a scheduler in the White House. People want to know the exact cause of death for Mark Middleton. Read the article to learn more about Mark Middleton’s life and death, including what happened to him and where he was discovered dead.

Who is Mark Middleton?

Mark Middleton, a former Bill Clinton aide who worked as the White House‘s scheduler in the 1990s, Middleton, 59, owned and ran an air conditioning business in Little Rock, Arkansas, for many years prior to working as a senior adviser to Clinton and the director of finance for his presidential campaign.

Mark Middleton Cause Of Death

According to reports, he invited Jeffrey Epstein to the White House for at least seven of Epstein’s 17 trips there while Clinton was in office. Middleton may have also boarded Epstein’s plane, linking the two powerful men.

He served as a managing partner of the investment company MidCorp Capital and worked on various charitable organizations. While employed by Thomas “Mack” McCarty, who was the chief of staff at the time, Middleton provided assistance to President Clinton.

In February 1995, Middleton left the White House. According to a White House investigation, he had taken use of his access the next year to impress clients.

What Happened To Mark Middleton?

Mark Middleton was found in Arkansas in May of last year hanging from a tree with a gunshot wound to his chest. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office provided DailyMail.com with an updated police report from the scene. Authorities noted that no weapon was found at the scene at the Heifer Ranch outside Perryville, about an hour’s drive from Little Rock, despite the fact that the death was judged to be a suicide.

The police report’s release was put off as Middleton’s family requested that the specifics of the death remain private. Their petition said they were being “harassed by outrageous, ugly, unfounded, and demeaning web stories on Mr. Middleton, his death, and his family,” according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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What is the Cause of Mark Middleton’s Death?

Middleton was discovered almost a year after his death in Little Rock with an extension cord around his neck and a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a police report that the publication obtained this week.

Mark Middleton Cause Of Death

It should be noted that Lawson’s account mentions that although officers found a handgun case and three boxes of buckshot in Middleton’s BMW SUV, there was no indication of a weapon being present.

Officially, Arkansas police have ruled that Mark Middleton’s death was a suicide by shooting. Nonetheless, others have questioned whether there was foul play given the circumstances of his death. To find out where he was killed, keep reading the article.

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Where Was the Body of Mark Middleton Discovered?

Middleton’s body and car were found at the Heifer Ranch outside Perryville, Arkansas, which is managed by the anti-poverty charity Heifer International. Samantha McElroy, a ranch employee, called Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson to the site after finding Middleton’s abandoned black BMW vehicle, according to the report he wrote.

Then, the 46-year-old McElroy moved past a ranch house. According to Lawson, she screamed, “nearly immediately after stepping around the cottage’s corner.”

As she came up to the back of the cottage and pointed there, she asked whether anyone was there. As I could see clearly again, I could make out what at first looked like a man sitting next to a tree with some kind of rope running from the tree limb to the man. Lawson claimed that Middleton’s demise was obvious.

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