The Chosen Season 3 Review: What Happens at the End of the Story?

When Season Two’s final episode reached the Mount of Beatitudes, the director of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins, included a considerable discussion between Jesus and Matthew to explain the texts and delve deeper into the Beatitudes. Dallas’s direction, as he explained it in last year’s Come and See programme, was a response to his worry that a 30-minute lecture would not be compelling.

Dallas opens its long-awaited third season with a positive return to the Mount, where it left off after the conclusion of the second season. Now that context and analysis on the Beatitudes have been provided during the previous season, the series continues to deconstruct the greatest sermon in history by focusing on its effect on the disciples.

The writers cleverly combine the words from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with the expressions on the faces of his disciples observing from a distance, capitalising on the audience’s interest in the disciples’ personal lives.


In doing so, they not only reference past plotlines but also anticipate future ones that will occur during the season. Matthew, for example, recalls the terrible moment when his parents disowned him and is then confronted with Jesus’ instructions, “first reconcile with your brother, and then provide your gift.”

The Chosen Season 3 review
The Chosen Season 3 review

Jesus’ command to “love your neighbour and pray for those who persecute you” prompts Peter to reconsider his animosity for the Romans, which he does by cooperating with one for the community’s benefit.

Similarly, Simon “Zee” the Zealot, Andrew, and even Zebedee are affected by particular phrases and find resolutions to their own challenges within the main plot of the third season.

After Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount, the news of His ministry continues to spread, attracting the attention of not only His disciples but also the Roman authorities and the Pharisees. Before returning to Nazareth for the last time, Jesus and His disciples welcome Judas, His newest and final disciple.

Judas is the only disciple who asks to join rather than being summoned to do so. This is an intriguing aspect of this interaction. In addition, by boasting about his education and CV to Jesus, the action prepares Judas for his fall at the start of Christ’s Passion.

Those responsible for producing The Chosen’s episodes must be commended for the brilliance of their writing and scene creation.

After nearly being tossed down a cliff by his friends and neighbours in Episode 3, Jesus reunites with his mother at the tomb of his earthly father before leaving Nazareth permanently. This was a brilliantly produced sequence showcasing Joseph’s involvement in the life and ministry of Jesus.

The most profound and Catholic moment of the season thus far is a sequence from Episode 2 involving a conversation between Little James and Jesus about the disciple’s wish to be cured of his infirmity.

The Chosen Season 3 review
The Chosen Season 3 review

“To be able to say that you still praise God despite this is to demonstrate to others that you are able to endure pain on earth with patience because you know you will spend eternity without suffering. “Not everyone can comprehend that,” Jesus explains to an anguished James.

Thus, please wait a bit longer. And when you realise your true strength as a result of your weakness, and when you do great things in my name despite this, the impact will endure for centuries.”

This sequence, combined with the depiction of Eden’s troubles with her inability to have a family with Peter amidst the increasing constraints of the Ministry, serves as a crucial reminder that holiness can be discovered in suffering.


Though the dialogue is occasionally corny, each performance is performed with heart and an authenticity that has yet to be matched by any other biblically-based television series.

Meanwhile, Director and screenwriter Dallas Jenkins continue to avoid preachiness, focusing on big biblical and societal topics and deconstructing them in a manner that is profound, sincere, and spiritually satisfying.

Season 3 of The Chosen will reach its climactic finale on February 3 and 4, when the last two episodes air in all states at Events Cinemas.

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