Stargirl Season 2 Review: Who is the Skull Guy at the End of Stargirl Season 2?

DC lovers, Stargirl returns! I was suspicious about the series, especially since it went from DC Universe to The CW, its permanent home. The season 2 premiere shows that the network invested heavily in the beloved show. Stargirl and Superman & Lois must be getting all the money, thus shows like The Flash must have weak visual effects.

I digress. The Stargirl season 2 debut plunged us back into Courtney (Brec Bassingermundane )’s life. In season 1, she and her superheroes defeated the town’s main evil, and now things look calm.

Courtney believes dangers still exist, but everyone else thinks she should focus on superheroes. I think switching gears like that is hard for a high school kid. This is why Courtney never stops fighting or watching for danger.

Her devotion puts her into trouble at school, setting up Stargirl season 2. Summer school for Courtney! She’d rather combat crime, but after being confronted by her mother, Barbara (Amy Smart), and stepdad, Pat, she has little choice (Luke Wilson). Summer school disrupts the family’s plans to leave the city, but considering Stargirl’s season 2 premiere, it may have been for the best.

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“Decades ago” in Melody Hills, Indiana, Stargirl season 2 begins. Rebecca (Olive Elise Abercrombie), a young, terrifying girl, wants to attend a neighborhood party. A young kid named Bruce (Milo Stein) urges Rebecca to attend the party despite her mother’s disapproval.

Bruce causes havoc and urges Rebecca to steal a celebration gift, which she does. She probably regrets it when she sees the Chucky-like doll. Dolls—why?

stargirl season 2 review
Stargirl season 2 review

Bruce explains that he’s Eclipso, a malevolent creature, and thinks Rebecca should be punished. Rebecca’s mother’s screams when she finds her across the street are loud. Rebecca McNider is her entire name, and we know what happens to her. Does anyone remember? Season 1’s Injustice Society defeat has quieted crime. Courtney struggles with it, but she keeps protecting her town and family.

Courtney wants the squad to fight for something, but everyone else loses interest. Your town’s strangest thing is a raccoon digging through the rubbish.

Unfortunately, Courtney refuses to stop searching for the next villain. Courtney is looking for threats this season, but there will be difficulties.

Pat advises Courtney to act like a regular teenager for her own sake, but Courtney refuses. She thinks Stargirl is her destiny. Bassinger plays this as an “I’m a grown-up now and I know everything now” scenario so convincingly that I nearly believe she thinks life is all battling crime.

The Stargirl season 2 opening finds Beth (Anjelika Washington) busy. In this episode, she’s struggling despite being everyone’s positive light. She wants to mend her goggles first so Chuck, as Dr. Midnight, will return. She fails, and when her parents want to split, it gets worse.

Rick (Cameron Gellman) searches for town legend Solomon Grundy. Rick is determined to find him despite the town’s belief it’s a bear.

I love Grundy and Rick’s side story! I can see from the season’s first episode that the authors are developing some of the important characters. Since the first season, I’ve wanted to know more about them, and the season 2 premiere’s concentration on each character suggests we’ll get there.

stargirl season 2 review
Stargirl season 2 review

Season 2 begins with Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) struggling. She’s confused about keeping the JSA functioning and can’t confess to Brainwave’s death. Courtney doesn’t want to stop anything, but it seems like these boys need to be normal teenagers for a while.

Courtney is disappointed to find that she must attend summer school owing to her failing grades on the last day of school. She’s been obsessed with being Stargirl for a while, and it’s backfiring on her.

Courtney fights Artemis Crock (Stella Smith), whom she feels will hurt her, because of her attentiveness. Courtney doesn’t trust anyone, thus it’s uncalled for. Can we blame her after season 1? The Injustice Society destroyed her!

Courtney’s fight with Green Lantern’s daughter in the season 2 opener is my fave. Green Lantern Alan Scott. Because Alan Scott’s story with the Green Lanterns is so confusing, especially how he joined, I’m curious how his daughter will play into the season.


Courtney and her daughter fight and destroy the house. It’s great to see how well Courtney works with her staff and how wonderful the Green Lantern ring and light are. If only DCTV could connect this to Arrow’s Diggle (David Ramsey), who was speculated to be a Green Lantern. Please, guys!

Cindy enters the ISA refuge beneath a school locker. We’ll try it. Cindy opens the “Injustice Unlimited” files in the lair. She’s overcome with sorrow about Henry Jr. but adds a picture to her recruitment, including Mike Dugan (Trae Romano). Mike might join him…

Pat confronts Zeke (King Orba), who was supposed to guard his garage while the family was on vacation, as the episode concludes. Since that plan failed, he returns to the shop and finds Zeke has been making changes to S.T.R.I.P.E, including adding a flamethrower (yay!).

Sylvester Pemberton (Joel McHale) searches for Pat in one more scene. Will he see his daughter? Does he know more than these guys? Is this a nefarious beginning? Check next week!

Stargirl season 2 has started well and hooked me. The show’s production design shows the CW’s dedication. If they weren’t investing so much in the series, they wouldn’t have high expectations.

I can see why people enjoy the series—its tales, characters, and plot development have so much potential. From the Stargirl season 2 premiere, Courtney’s journey will be rocky, and without help, she may end herself lost and defenseless. I hope not, but every superhero needs backup, and she has just the team!

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Who is the Guy With the Skull at the End of Season 2 of Stargirl?

Keith David provides the voice of Mr. Bones in Stargirl. This individual serves as director of the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation.

Is Season Two of Stargirl Entertaining?

The high points of Season 2 are identical to those of Season 1. Episodes 6 and 13 are top-tier superhero action episodes that demonstrate why Stargirl is likely one of the best superhero shows produced by The CW.

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