Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Review: Watch Official Trailer!

“Farewell” concluded Star Trek: Picard’s second season. Last week’s penultimate episode concluded most of this season’s plots, but the finale wraps everything up and reveals why Q (John de Lancie) started it all. Fan-favorite figures are reborn, killed, and Q’s “last act” is finalized in the episode. Despite this, “Farewell” feels like a happily ever after, as long as they don’t pull an Into the Woods (undoing the happy endings set before the last act) when they return for the third and final season.

The episode begins with the group trying to decipher Agnes’ (Alison Pill) prophecy from last week: one Renée must live, one must die. Picard (Patrick Stewart) understands the prophecy around the same time Tallinn (Orla Brady) learns she must die to rescue the future. Picard reluctantly joins Tallinn to save Renée (Penelope Mitchell). Picard tries to save her, but Tallinn refuses. She says protecting Renée is her responsibility, and if she dies, it’s her choice.

Seven (Jeri Ryan), Raffi (Michelle Hurd), and Rios (Santiago Cabrera) visit Dr. Soong’s lab on a hunch that he is sabotaging the Europa Mission. He’s not there, but he’s rigged the lab to make them think he is. Instead, Picard sees him at the Europa launch beguiling (strong-arming) quarantine officials.

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Tallinn races to find Renée in a flight suit. Renée is shocked by a stranger barging into her room, but she recognizes Tallinn. Her entire life, not just the gala. Tallinn exposes her mission, how she had been observing and mentoring Renée throughout her life, and what will happen if she doesn’t join the Europa Mission.

Soong discovers Renée alone in the corridor, terrified by a mysterious woman chatting to her, before the launch. Dr. Soong poisons “Renée” with a hand-held neurotoxic after catching her.

picard season 2 review
picard season 2 review

The crew discovers Dr. Soong has programmed a small fleet of drones to shoot down the space shuttle at his lab. After the drones take flight, Rios and Raffi use their quick thinking to commandeer one and crash the rest, saving the day.

Picard holds Tallinn as she dies. She watches as Renée and the flight launch into orbit while Picard pushes her to look up. Tallinn dies after securing her future. When the crew returns to the chateau, Q awaits Picard in the solarium, her death is even more heartbreaking. Q finally agrees to sit down and explain why he put Picard through all of this.

Q has been dying for two episodes, but now he says he’s dying alone. He meddles with time and space to teach Picard not to repeat his destiny. Ironically, people had concerns about this before the series began. Picard had retired to his vineyard and left Starfleet. Q agreed that this wasn’t the Picard from The Next Generation. Picard asks why Q cares about him, and the answer is easy. Q prefers Picard.

Seven and Raffi can finally discuss their romance while Picard and Q talk. First, they discuss Rios, who is more pleased than they’ve ever seen him while playing at home with Teresa (Sol Rodriguez) and Ricardo (Steve Gutierrez). Seven kisses Raffi and apologizes. The series hasn’t deepened their relationship much, but they’re getting along better.

Dr. Soong arrives home to find Kore (Isa Briones) slowly deleting all his computer files, preventing him from playing mad scientist with her siblings. Soong has one more trick—Project Khan—to derail the Europa Mission. Time soon connects everything. Time.

Kore receives another trick from Q after destroying Soong’s files. Just not. The Traveler, previously Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton), begs her to join him to defend time. Wesley was inevitable after all those Watchers and time travel references. Star Trek: Picard may have set up a backdoor pilot for a Doctor Who-like spin-off if this isn’t a significant plot point in the final season. It’s popular.

Picard leads the crew outside the chateau to meet Q. Q reminds Raffi that he didn’t kill Elnor (Evan Evagora). Rios, Teresa, and Ricardo gather in the background while Picard, Seven, and Raffi deal with Q. Rios refuses to go home when Q offers. Teresa and Ricardo are his home. Raffi, his oldest friend, is the most heartbroken about him leaving behind, but she realizes that he’s always been looking for a home. “Make a nice future,” Picard says.

Picard and Q say a touching goodbye before the group is transferred to the future. Q and this age were shaped by his meddling. Q was a constant annoyance on Star Trek: Voyager and a defining character of this era. Picard beautifully portrays Q’s parting as a goodbye to an old friend. Q sends Picard, Seven, and Raffi back to the future with one last “Mon Capitaine”.

picard season 2 review
picard season 2 review

They return find the ship self-destructing and a Borg queen taking over. Picard only learned new things from the past expedition. In 2024, they started everything that happened now. Picard realizes Agnes is the Borg queen and everything makes sense.

The Borg are defending their section of space from a “Galactic Event” that will wipe out everyone in it. Agnes knew Picard would help her deploy the whole Starfleet fleet’s shields to deflect and limit its explosion. After averting the situation, they discover a new trans-warp conduit and the Borg! Agnes says they want to be Gate Guardians.

They desire provisional Federation membership for this new job. Agnes alone could have led the Borg to Federation membership. Star Trek: Picard’s perfect growth is outstanding. They perfected this plot at every turn. Raffi discovers Elnor is alive—final Q’s surprise. Picard finally makes Seven Captain of Renée. A Starfleet-ignored promotion.

The gang drinks at 10 Forward once the dust settles. Picard and Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) discuss Picard’s recent events and Rios’ 21st-century existence. He and Teresa started a medical supply drive to benefit others. Guinan called Renée Ricardo’s “Auntie Renée.” Teresa lived long and Rios died fighting and smoking cigars.

Rios is my favorite Picard character, as my weekly reviews show. I have a fave too, Q. When Teresa was introduced, it was evident that something would happen with this duo—either she would move to the future or he would stay in the past—and this episode’s decisions fit the roguish figure we’ve come to admire. Rios becoming a Starfleet captain at the start of the season seemed dishonest, but he ended up staying with Teresa and Ricardo. He felt uncomfortable since it was. In 2024, he became completely alive.


I’m happy to see more original cast members from The Next Generation in Season 3, but I’m worried about how they’ll fit within Picard’s core cast. Rios should be given a happy ending so he can graciously leave the future. That’s worse than dying in a Moroccan bar fight over medical supplies. In addition, La Sirena has five Santiago Cabrera-like holograms.

Star Trek: Picard’s second season was fantastic from start to finish, despite this episode’s sadness. It expanded this new world while relating to the Star Trek canon. Characters were cleverly used to advance the main plot while establishing their own stories and giving them as much closure as the main plot.

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Picard Season 2 Trailer


What Was the Purpose of Season Two of Picard?

After successfully completing their mission (or so they believe), Picard and his companions retire to the Picard Chateau to contemplate their destiny. Picard resolves to close the time loop by replacing the key in the loose wall brick for his younger self to discover in the future.

Does Season 2 of Picard Make Sense?

As a result, season 2 of Picard takes the character and the show further from the original material it was based on. It is not only one of the worst-written seasons in history but also the polar opposite of everything that made Star Trek: The Next Generation and its excellent captain so great.

What Was the Abnormality at the End of Season 2 of Picard?

This takes us to the anomaly the Borg and Federation encountered at the end of Season 2. Seven of Nine described the unusual anomaly as resembling a “trans warp conduit.” The Borg Queen-Dr. Jurati hybrid did not know who made it, but viewed it as a “danger” that required strict study.

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