Lucy Fallon Welcomes Her First Child: Reveal the Gender and Precious Photos of the Baby!

Lucy Fallon, formerly of Coronation Street, and Ryan Ledson, a professional football player, are now parents.

The 27-year-old soap starlet shared a stunning photo of her newborn son online to celebrate the birth of her first child. She then commented on the post, saying: “A stunning young man who belongs to us. 30/01/2023.”

Both Lucy’s devoted following and her famous friends were quick to send their best wishes.

Her co-star on the ITV soap, Samia Longchambon (who plays Maria Connor), congratulated the happy couple, calling the news “gorgeous news, Lucy.”

The actress playing Nina Lucas, Mollie Gallagher, responded with an “Awww congratulations” and three red heart emojis.

Fellow Sour Hall co-star Pearl Mackie chimed in with, “Congratulations, Lucy!!!” According to actress Natalie Anderson: “What a lovely sight! Well done, sweetie!”

After a tragic miscarriage in March, at seven weeks, Lucy and her husband decided to keep their pregnancy a secret until September.

Lucy said she was “terrified but excited” to give birth to her first child.

After announcing their pregnancy to the world, the couple suffered a devastating loss, which was discussed in the Mirror “The whole thing was traumatic and terrible.

“It was very up and down because we went for a scan and they couldn’t see anything, and then we went to the hospital and they thought they could see something.

“I was experiencing severe sickness and symptoms of pregnancy. The fact that I had no warning signs of a miscarriage only added to the shock. We had faith that everything would turn out okay.

“After a week, when they had finished all the necessary tests (blood and ultrasounds), they informed me that I had miscarried. I couldn’t explain the sensation, but it was very unusual.

“Though it’s experienced by countless others, nobody ever thinks it’ll be them who have to go through it. My hopes and dreams for the little one who was going to join our family were shattered when they were taken away.

“It was a terrible situation, but Ryan was there for me the whole time.”

Lucy Fallon Welcomes Her First Chid: Reveal the Gender and Precious Photos of the Baby

The couple said it brought them closer together and helped them realize that having children was something they really wanted.

After that, things shifted, and we knew that was exactly what we wanted, as Lucy put it. “This kind of difficulty can put a couple’s relationship to the test. It bonded us together and fortified us.”

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Lucy reflected, “It’s incredibly fortunate for us that it happened again.” “We weren’t pushing it, and I wasn’t pushing myself; it just worked out that way. Something like this was bound to occur.”

She went on, “We’d been to the Maldives, and the day before I was due to come on, I had a feeling I was pregnant. When I ran a test, that particular line immediately appeared.

“Before I told Ryan, I told my mom. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I FaceTimed her. Then Ryan got home, and I said, “This has happened!” while staring at the test in my hand.

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