Where is Jeff Lowe Now and What Happened to Him? Discover All of His Information Here

Jeff Lowe, the former owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which was featured in the Netflix documentary series Tiger King, has been banned from exhibiting animals indefinitely.

Federal authorities accused the Lowes of violating the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act due to their alleged mistreatment of animals in their care and at the park (ESA).

As a result of the consent decree, the couple’s remaining animals will be removed from their care and rehoused somewhere. The decree prohibits the Lowes from suing the United States in any future action concerning this settlement and the animals they previously owned.

The Netflix true-crime documentary series ‘Tiger King began as a compelling true-crime documentary series centered mostly on the feud between zookeeper Joe Exotic and animal rights activist Carole Baskin, but gradually extended to include additional characters.

Jeff Lowe, the former business partner of The Tiger King, is one of these crucial figures accused of breaching all norms in order to make money and have fun with numerous women. As revealed in Season 2, he is not just a zookeeper but also a con man.


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Where is Jeff Lowe Now and What Happened to Him?

Jeff Lowe has not commented on Allen Glover’s claims that he wanted to decapitate his former colleague in order to remove him from the equation. Lowe stated he sought Joe Exotic’s release in order to avoid any animal cruelty allegations.

We can confirm that he is no longer at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (GW Zoo). Lowe was ejected from the park in October 2021 due to overdue rent and damages, per TMZ.

Lauren was denied an additional 30-day extension after requesting one. Allegedly, the new Tiger King owes upwards of $10,000 in rent and other damages and is currently largely devoid of tigers.

where is jeff lowe now
where is jeff lowe now

Additionally, Jeff is wanted in Las Vegas for failing to appear in court in September, where he is wanted on four bench warrants. The hearing was for Jeff’s unresolved 2017 allegations of operating a business without a license (one count) and not having a license to own wild animals (two counts) (three counts).

Jeff and Lauren’s social media pages indicate that everything is going well for them. Nonetheless, in October 2021, their landlord sued them for “non-payment on the property,” in addition to everything we’ve discussed thus far.


In addition, they owe money to the state of Oklahoma, which accuses them of neglecting to pay a required tax while operating the G.W. Zoo. The Lowes are proud parents who appear to be content with their personal life, but it looks that their legal problems, particularly Jeff’s, are far from over.

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