Where is Candy: What Happened to Candy and Did Candy Truly Get Locked Up? 

Candy did not appear to be the key suspect in a Friday the 13th murder investigation. She attended church regularly and was known as a devoted wife to Pat Montgomery and mother to two children among her Texan peers.

However, Candy harboured her own secrets. She met her victim, Betty, and Betty’s husband, Allan Gore, at church. Eventually, Candy had an affair with Allan, who ultimately disclosed their relationship to detectives.

On June 13, 1980, seven months after Allan ceased his affair with Candy, Betty was found brutally killed in her house with a three-foot axe.

The Dallas Morning News reported that fingerprints and footprints at the crime scene implicated Candy. After weeks, Candy was arrested and accused of the murder of Betty.

Where is Candy Montgomery at the Present Moment?

According to reports, Candy Montgomery is now 72 years old and resides in Georgia, where she migrated shortly after the incident. She retrained to become a mental health counsellor and now goes by Candace Wheeler, her maiden name.

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According to Bustle, Montgomery resides and works in the Georgia region of Dawsonville. She has a profile on HealthGrades, a service that allows users to search for recommended physicians and therapists in their area.

The site is not accessible outside of the United States. She also has a profile on the CareDash medical services website (opens in a new tab). She addresses anxiety, sadness, loss, grieving, bereavement, mental illness, social anxiety, and stress, according to her profile.

No, Candy and Pat Montgomery are no longer married. After the trial, the couple moved to Georgia together, but they separated shortly thereafter.

where is candy now
where is candy now

Due to Candy’s involvement with Allan Gore, cracks were already visible in the marriage. According to a Texas Monthly summary of the case (opens in a new tab), Pat worked long hours and was frequently absent, while Candy grew increasingly dissatisfied with her life; as a result, their conflicts increased.

According to profilers Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, “His insensitivity angered her, resulting in harsh comments.” For Pat, they were trivial disagreements, but for her, they embodied all that was wrong with their marriage.

After Candy’s affair ended, she and Pat participated in a marriage counselling programme. Shortly after beginning their therapy, Candy murdered Betty, and Pat stood by his wife’s side throughout the trial.

The case summary stated, “Pat was encouraged by how everyone stood with them, regardless of what new evidence was leaked to the public.” However, the couple split shortly after settling to Georgia.

Did Candy Really Go to Jail?

The real Montgomery was supposedly found innocent and now leads a “normal” life after the media’s attention on her subsided. What transpired at her widely publicised trial, and how a psychiatrist’s opinion regarding her repressed childhood trauma may have contributed to her acquittal, are detailed here.


What Happened During the Trial of Candy Montgomery?

Jealousy was assumed to be Candy’s reason for murder. According to The Dallas Morning News, Candy’s legal team contended that she had, in fact, killed Betty, but that she did it in self-defence.

Allan had reportedly been out on a business trip. Candy offered to take the daughter of the Gores to her swimming class. Betty reportedly confronted Candy about the affair and swung an axe at Candy.

Candy seized grip of the axe and thrust it at Betty. Candy repeatedly swung the axe at Betty, leaving behind 41 axe wounds, following an alleged struggle with Betty. 1980’s Halloween was approaching when, following a quick jury discussion, Candy was acquitted.

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