Is a macOS Monterey Upgrade Necessary? Here Is How To Choose?

As the macOS platform evolves, Apple adds new capabilities and patches vulnerabilities. Mac OS Monterey was released to the public by Apple in October 2021, and the corporation was anxious that users upgrade.

New features were introduced in macOS Monterey, but many people have been hesitant to upgrade. Is it prudent to go ahead and install macOS Monterey right now? Come on, then, let’s find out.

What Is MacOS Monterey?

Macs running Apple’s desktop OS, macOS, have now reached version 18. macOS Monterey is the 18th major update. Like most other major releases, it added a tonne of new features and was the next major update after Big Sur.

macOS Monterey works with the latest Apple silicon chips, however, it no longer supports Macs with Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs). Many users likely waited to install macOS Monterey because of reports of issues from early adopters.

If you rely on your Mac for work, however, you should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of upgrading before you do so.

Here Are Four Indications that It’s Time to Move up To Mac Os Monterey

Here are four arguments in favor of upgrading that you might find persuasive if you’re still on the fence about it.

1. Brand New Stuff

  • With the release of macOS Monterey, Apple included a number of new features. The Focus mode in macOS is a helpful tool for reducing interruptions. It allows the user to set specific time intervals for when notifications will be sent and when they will be ignored.
  • The brand new Shortcuts app, originally developed for iOS, has now been ported to the Mac and is another great addition. You can create visual scripts to link a sequence of actions that happen in sequence after an event, as the name suggests.
macos monterey
  • Moreover, the Shortcuts app provides a number of premade automation templates to choose from. To keep track of how much time you spend in various apps, for instance, you can set up a sequence of actions that will be executed automatically after a certain event occurs.
  • The Quick Note feature was another hit that was introduced in Monterey. A tiny window will appear when you move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen. If you have multiple windows up, clicking it will allow you to quickly take a note. Other enhancements in macOS Monterey include:
  • Visible privacy status indicator for active recording devices in the menu bar
    Live Text in FaceTime now has a Portrait Mode so that users can easily copy, paste, and translate text from images.
    Increased battery life through low-power mode
    Over-the-air software testing platform TestFlight

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2. All-Powerful Command and Rule

Photos Courtesy of Apple

  • As a cool beta feature, Universal Control allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse on both your iPad and Mac. The transfer of text or files between a Mac and an iPad is as easy as a drag and drop.
  • The learning curve for Universal Control is extremely low, and the possibilities it provides advanced users are practically endless. An iPad can serve as a second display for your computer.

3. Hide My Email on iCloud+

With iCloud+’s New “Hide My Email” Function

  • This new feature may be enough to sway privacy-conscious users to sign up for iCloud and fork over the cash. When using the Mail app in macOS Monterey, iCloud+ subscribers have access to a new feature called Hide My Email. If you have a Family Sharing member who also has a subscription, you can use it.
  • When filling out online forms, you can generate random email addresses with the help of Hide My Email and use those instead of your real one. You will no longer have to worry about spam in your personal inbox.
  • All messages sent to these disposable addresses will be delivered to your real inbox, protecting your real email address at all times. With Hide My Email and iCloud, you can quickly create, access, and manage your IDs.

4. Patches and Updates

macos monterey
  • It’s not unusual for major OS updates, like macOS Monterey, to include security patches. The Password Manager has been added to System Preferences so that you can control your passwords.
  • There is also support for two-factor authentication, with a dedicated feature that allows you to generate 2FA codes directly from your Mac, eliminating the need for third-party authentication software.
  • The business also fixed a number of kernel vulnerabilities and enhanced other systems like PackageKit.

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Is the Update to macOS Monterey Worth It?

Yes! If your Mac is relatively new and runs on an Apple silicon chip like the M1 or M2 processors, then you should definitely consider upgrading to macOS Monterey. Not only will your system run more efficiently, but you can also use the many useful new additions. However, it’s important to remember that Apple has begun releasing the newer macOS Ventura update as of October 2022, even though many users are likely to wait before updating to avoid early adopter issues.

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