The ‘First Class’ Rapper Jack Harlow: Some Shocking Facts!

These most recent years of Jack Harlow’s career have been some of his finest work. People may think he appeared overnight, yet he’s been honing his skills for over ten years. Jack really dropped his debut mixtape, Extra Credit, in 2011. His debut album, That’s What They All Say, debuted at number five, and his talented flow and clever lyrics have won him the respect of his peers in the business.

Some may have written Jack off as a one-hit wonder, but he has already established himself to be here to stay. Keep reading to find more information about Jack Harlow that you may not have known.

1. Jack Harlow Started Rapping at The Tender Age of 12

Jack Harlow began his rapping career at the tender age of 12 with the help of his pal Copelan Garvey. The two peddled CDs to their middle school chums. Thanks to his skills and luck, he was able to put out his first commercial album, The Handsome Harlow.

2. His First Opening Gig Was in Louisville, for Vince Staples

After making the shift from Shelbyville to Louisville, Harlow frequently performed to sold-out crowds at local hotspots including Mercury Ballroom and Haymarket Whiskey Bar. He was still in high school when he opened for Vince Staples at Headliners Music Hall in 2016.

I believe by the end of the year I just want to become an artist that can be acknowledged on a national scale, Harlow remarked in an interview with Jeffrey Lee Puckett, displaying a high degree of confidence in his poetic abilities. The situation where I live seems to have been won. It’s great fun to perform in front of a hometown crowd, but I’d like to build a bigger following beyond New York. That’s the way the bread gets buttered.

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3. He Wishes He Could Collaborate with Natasha Bedingfield

jack harlow unknown facts

Jack is a creative type who values teaming up with other gifted individuals. There are, unsurprisingly, many people he would love to collaborate with someday. But, surprisingly, not all of them are rappers. The singer Natasha Bedingfield, whose hits include “Unwritten” and “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” is high on his list of favorite artists.

4. He Believes that Black Lives Do Matter and He Has Spoken out In Support of The Movement

Jack isn’t the most vocal person when it comes to social concerns, but he hasn’t remained silent either. His allegiance has been made quite plain. In the summer of 2020, Jack showed his support for the Black Lives Matter Movement by attending a few local protests.

5. He Has an Intense Sense of National Pride

Jack is very pleased with his roots in Louisville, Kentucky. He attributes much of his musical style and identity to the local culture. He is proud to be a native of Louisville, and he has worked with fellow native son Bryson Tiller on several occasions.

6. He Played Soccer Professionally

Jack’s life has revolved heavily around music, but that hasn’t been his main passion. For many years, soccer was an integral part of his life when he was a young man. His senior night goal for the high school soccer squad was the game-winner.

7. Jack Harlow Had a Job at Chick-Fil-A

Harlow is one of several famous people who started out in fast food. Earlier in his career, before he gained fame, Jack Harlow was an employee at Chick-fil-A. Telling The Breakfast Club his story, he explained how he was discovered by DJ Drama, an executive at a record label.

I had to drive six hours to get to Louisville from where I was living in Atlanta just to perform at open mic nights. In addition, he remembered hearing, “Yo, Drama wants to see you,” through the rumor mill. I currently have a job at Chick-fil-A on the Georgia State campus. We all packed up and moved down here, and now we’re just trying to meet people.

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8. He Worked with Lil Nas X on Their Song “Industry Baby”

jack harlow unknown facts

Jack Harlow collaborated with Lil Nas X on the smash tune Industry Baby. This was Harlow’s first top-ten single. Where: in the video. Judge Lil Nas X (Nas X himself) sentences Nas X to prison time because of his sexual orientation. Songwriters Take a Daytrip and Kanye West are responsible for the track’s production, and Lil Nas X starts off the song by boasting about his Grammys and platinum records.

According to USA TODAY’s Elise Brisco, “the rest of the video unfolds with a scheme plotted and implemented by Harlow and the Montero partnering up to escape out of the institution so they can continue to take over the music business as industry newcomers… or infants.”

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