5 Secret Facts About Alex Jones…!

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1. Right-Wing American Radio Presenter and Prominent Debunker of Governmental Conspiracies Are Alex Jones.

alex jones unknown facts

Jones became well-known on a national scale after spreading conspiracy theories about the US government and a fictitious, power-hungry New World Order. Jones had previously been a nobody on public access television.

Many believe Jones to be one of the most important right-wing conspiracy theorists in the United States today due to a variety of legal and political difficulties.

Jones passionately and frantically defends a long list of absurdities both online and on air.

For example, the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a hoax created to restrict Americans’ access to firearms; 9/11 was a government-sponsored inside job; the Parkland, Florida, high school student shooter survivors were “crisis actors” funded by the Democratic Party and George Soros; and juice boxes “make kids gay.”

Jones acquired the mindset of the anti-government militia movement in the 1990s, and this is where many of his conspiracy ideas come from.

Jones, who is based in Austin, Texas, has a national following thanks to his radio program, which is broadcast on 100 stations across the country, as well as his websites Infowars and Prison Planet, where his numerous false assertions are presented as “news” in multimedia style.

Even though Jones-related websites, pages, and channels were banned from well-known social media sites in 2018, Infowars has remained popular. The digital analytics company Quantcast estimates that in just February 2020, Infowars attracted 3.34 million unique readers.

Jones attributes the causes of multiple “false flag” operations and autism on the federal government, which is run by the mysterious New World Order (Sandy Hook, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing).

He is also a well-known proponent of the “9/11 truther” theory, which holds that the U.S. government organized the attacks for sinister reasons. White supremacists like Andrew Anglin (of The Daily Stormer) and Lee Rogers were motivated by Jones’ claims, particularly those pertaining to the September 11 attacks, which gave him a whole new audience (of InfoStormer).

Jones, who claims that the federal government of the United States is a part of a worldwide plot to armless and enslave Americans, cites regular National Guard drills as proof.

In 2015, Jones contributed to the frenzied response to Jade Helm, a U.S. military training exercise meant to prepare soldiers for potential combat situations. Jones argued that it was a cover for the declaration of martial law, and enough people bought into his claims that the Army was forced to dispatch proxies to reassure worried citizens.

In January 2020, Jones and Infowars spread the conspiracy theory that the Virginia government intended to confiscate weapons and claimed that the event would be targeted by a “false flag” operation, similar to what Jones claimed before the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, fueling fears that a gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, would result in violence.

Along with other Infowars correspondents, Jones attended the demonstration. While cruising about in a black “battle tank” bearing the Infowars logo, Jones attacked Democrats as “anti-American globalists” and warned that the “globalist tyranny” was attempting to spark a civil war.

Despite a lack of scientific evidence, Jones has been promoting a number of goods and nutritional supplements as preventative and therapeutic treatments for the coronavirus in the months since it first became a concern to public health.

On March 12, Jones received a cease-and-desist letter from New York Attorney General Letitia James over the sale of these questionable goods. A month later, Jones received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration warning him to stop selling these goods or face legal repercussions.

Jones stated to the crowd at a rally against coronavirus-related restrictions on April 18, 2020, in Austin, Texas, “Texas is leading the way against the tyrants.”

2. Jones Has Won the Open Admiration of President Donald Trump and Has Asserted Communication with The President and Other Members of The Government.

alex jones unknown facts

President Trump has supported a number of Jones’ conspiracy theories that have been repeatedly debunked, such as those regarding the birthplace of President Barack Obama and the assertion that millions of illegal immigrants cast ballots in the 2016 election.

In a 2015 radio interview, President Trump told Jones, “Your reputation is great,” to which Jones replied, “What you’re doing is epic,” demonstrating the two men’s admiration for one another. George Washington caliber.

Jones claims that after the election, Trump called the Infowars audience to thank them for their support and make them proud. After the election, Infowars established an office in Washington, D.C., which was run until 2018 by the right-wing author and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

Since the election, Jones has asserted a number of times that he communicates with both President Trump and White House personnel. Jones stated in August 2018 that he communicates with the president “via multiple means,” but he did not go into further detail.

In a February 2020 episode of Infowars, Jones asserted that he had a conversation with a White House representative who said that President Trump intended to pardon Roger Stone.

Despite Jones’s claims that he still speaks with President Trump, he hasn’t always been complimentary of the leader. Most notably, Jones promised to warn the president, “If you ever contact me again, I’m going to tell you I’m ashamed of you,” on his show after American airstrikes were conducted in Syria in April 2018. I’m not in a Donald Trump cult, he said, criticizing the president.

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3. Violence and Harassment Have Been Committed as A Result of Jones’ Conspiracy Beliefs in The Real World.

alex jones unknown facts

Jones‘ arguments have sparked real-world action. Jones is perhaps best known for being one of the main proponents of the “Pizzagate” hoax, which involved the D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong and its owner James Alefantis.

This hoax was based on a complex web of lies about Alefantis, whose tenuous personal ties to several prominent Democrats were turned into a terrifying conspiracy theory in which the tunnels beneath the restaurant served as the headquarters for a Hillary Clinton-approved network of child traffic

In a now-deleted YouTube video from November 4, 2016, Jones stated, “I have zero fear standing up against her when I think of all the children Hillary Clinton has personally murdered, chopped up, and raped.” Yes, you did hear me correctly. Hillary Clinton has killed kids herself. I simply can’t keep the truth from you any longer. Later, Jones claimed that his remarks were in relation to American policies toward Syria.

Like the Jade Helm incident before it, Edgar Welch showed up at Comet Ping Pong on December 4, 2016, armed with an assault rifle, prepared to “rescue” the kids he believed were being held captive in the basement.

Welch appeared to come to the conclusion that there were no indications of any criminal activity anywhere in the facility after firing numerous shots and spending close to an hour inside the eatery. He turned himself in to the police and eventually entered a guilty plea for assault and weapons-related crimes. Welch received a four-year prison term in June 2017.

Jones apologized for his absurd claims about Alefantis after the shooting, saying, “I made comments…that in hindsight I regret.” It has been noted that Alefantis, acting in his capacity as a private citizen, could easily sue Jones for making unfounded claims, and Jones’s carefully worded apologies may have been an effort to avoid any potential legal action in the future.

Even after all of this, Jones hasn’t given up his hypothesis of child trafficking; rather, he is now targeting well-known Democrats who are less protected by libel laws because they are all public figures.

Jones also circulated hoaxes about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, calling it a fake created by “crisis actors,” and his listeners relentlessly pestered the families of the victims for years.

Jones now owes the families of Sandy Hook victims around $150,000 in legal expenses after failing in his repeated attempts to have the lawsuits against him dismissed. In March 2020, Jones’ appeal was rejected.

On January 27, 2020, Wolfgang Halbig, one of the suit’s defendants and a former Infowars contributor from whom Jones has since distanced himself, was detained for allegedly harassing the Sandy Hook victims’ relatives.

4. Although Jones Invited Antisemitic Guests to Appear on His Show, His On-Air Presence Does Not Appear to Be Antisemitic.

alex jones unknown facts

White nationalists and other antisemites have complained that Jones’ shows and websites are free of antisemitism.

But Jones has a reputation for railing against the “Jewish mafia,” and after the chaotic and violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, he declared that he believed that many of the attendees were actually “leftist Jews” there “in disguise,” trying to discredit white supremacists and incite violence.

More recently, on November 30, 2019, Jones invited E. Michael Jones, a well-known antisemite, to discuss Sacha Baron Cohen’s call for social media firms to block Alex Jones’s programming in his speech at the ADL’s “Never is Now” conference. During the conversation, Alex Jones mentioned that he had read Monsters from the Id by E. Michael Jones and had a favorable opinion of the conspiracy theorist.

Although E. Michael Jones tried to portray his main cause as being against the spread of pornography, which he believes leads to moral degeneration, during the interview, he did accuse a Jew of being responsible for the spread of porn in Germany after World War II and assert that the Israeli military used pornography to disrupt the local population during a 2002 operation in Ramallah.

Jones gave the well-known alt-right white supremacist and antisemite Richard Spencer a platform to discuss his white nationalist views on January 13, 2020. Jones disagreed with some of Spencer’s views, but the two talked extensively about the alleged globalist scheme to overthrow western civilization—a term some regard as a dog-whistle meaning “Jewish.”

Jones did not specifically mention Jews during the interview (although he did claim that George Soros paid for protesters to attend the Unite the Right rally), but Spencer made two references to “Zionism” as a force behind American imperialism and he did not denounce Hitler when Jones directly asked him if he approved of the Nazi leader.

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5. Jones Still Has a Sizable Following Despite Being Barred from Multiple Social Media Sites for Disseminating Violent, Hateful Conspiracy Theories.

alex jones unknown facts

Jones and Infowars’ podcasts, pages, and channels were removed in August 2018 by Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify. Jones and Infowars were also barred from Twitter in September of last year. Facebook took action as a result of Jones’s pages’ “[glorification] of violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and [use] of dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims, and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies,” according to a statement released by the company.

“[The show] openly and primarily promotes, encourages, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics,” claimed Spotify of Infowars.

With over 10 million daily visitors to Infowars and 2.4 million subscribers and 17 million monthly views on his YouTube channel, Jones had a sizable following before these cancellations.

Although the bans have substantially reduced Jones’s platform, admirers, spam accounts, and smaller Infowars-owned accounts still share his videos on social media. Before it was taken down in March 2019, one Infowars-affiliated YouTube channel had more than 64,000 subscribers.

In February 2020, Newsweek reported that three Infowars-related YouTube channels had a combined following of more than 19,000 subscribers and more than 2.5 million views since October 2019.

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