Amber Heard Weight Gain: The Untold Story of Amber Heard’s Weight Gain In 2022!

A well-known American actress is Amber Heard. Amber Heard has an $8 million net worth as of 2022. Her profession as a performer has increased her net worth. She had a supporting part in the popular TV show “Jack and Bobby” in 2004.

After starring in the movies “Never Back Down” and “Pineapple Express,” she gained notoriety. She is also well known for having been Johnny Depp’s ex-wife.

The Story of Amber Heard’s Weight Gain

The Depp-Heard saga was in the news at the same time as Amber Heard’s (@amberheard) alleged weight gain was being discussed.

Evidently, Amber’s job as Mera in Aquaman 2 has been lost due to her weight increase.

According to the contract she signed, the actress was purportedly obligated to maintain her current weight. She would effectively be in breach of the aforementioned contract if she did this, and she was.

Heard’s termination from the Aquaman production was initially reported by the Australian entertainment news website Sausage Roll.

amber heard weight gain 2022

If Sausage Roll is to be believed, the contract for the film included a health and fitness clause that required her to maintain her weight and be in good physical and mental health in order to play the part.

Amber Heard’s definition of fitness was that she had to have a certain weight in order to be Mera. But the actress had broken the terms of the contract she had signed.

She presented herself for her physical inspection for the part not as Amber from Aquaman 1, but rather as Amber from Aquaman 1, plus all the weight that her contractual clause had forbidden her from gaining if she were interested in the role.

And Soon After, Amber Heard Lost the Additional Weight Like She Was Untouchable. on The Plus Side, She Had Gained Weight Even Though She Had Lost Her Position.

Just as I said, I gained some weight before losing some. An ideal equilibrium.

She “should have” and “deserved” to lose the position after gaining weight.

A sentiment that was generally held by the general public, especially after it was revealed that the photographs of her with black eyes, bruises, cuts, and markings that she had submitted as proof to the court, accusing Depp of physical abuse and violence, were made up with makeup.

After several witnesses stated that the abuse had been directed towards Depp instead of the other way around, Depp’s supporters went into another frenzy. The tip of his finger had been severed when Amber threw a vodka bottle at him.

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The majority of the recently discovered evidence against Amber Heard has to fall on her. She had earlier promoted herself as a prominent advocate for domestic violence, but it was now revealed that she was the one who had committed all of the domestic violence.

With that fresh piece of information, the public was beside itself.

A petition established by Depp’s supporters asking Warner Bros. to cut Heard from the Aquaman sequel even reached a million signatures. After all, Johnny had been kicked out of the Fantastic Beasts series.

They all yearned for her to be removed from the film. As a result, Depp’s followers were ecstatic when Sausage Roll announced that Amber Heard had been fired from Aquaman 2 for violating a clause in her contract that prohibited weight gain.

They must have believed that was Heard’s karmic payback for accusing him of being an abusive jerk and ruining his career.

They must have thought that they were responsible for making that happen. They presented themselves as though Christmas would last a lifetime. So great was their joy.

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However, their Christmas only lasted as long as it was reported, which was not very long because it was quickly disproved.

Ryan Parker, a senior staff writer for The Hollywood Reporter, tweeted that he had been informed by a trustworthy source that the claims that Heard had been fired off were untrue.

In retrospect, no one ought to have trusted any information emanating from Sausage Rolls. I ought to have rolled my eyes and continued. It’s the same as trusting The Onion to believe Sausage Rolls.

Also, fabricated was the firing portion, but what about the weight gain? Amber Heard actually put on any weight, as the Rolls reported?

Most likely not, Amber has always appeared trim and in shape; yet, she has never appeared as though she had gained enough weight to make headlines.

It’s likely that Sausage Rolls were seeking simple clicks, and they found them.

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