Kitchen Organization Hacks: 11 Best Kitchen Organization Hacks in 2022!

From cabinet organization to storage, these 11 DIY kitchen organizing ideas will encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen. Check out how we transformed our kitchen cabinets with gel stain!

One of those necessary activities that is frequently postponed is organizing the kitchen. There are numerous containers of spices, flours, and powders to store.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some Pinterest-worthy kitchen organization hacks and DIY projects.

We’ve provided a list of some fast ideas and tricks for organizing your kitchen so you can start cleaning right away and have all of your kitchen necessities ready for months. Learn about 11 cost-effective, simple DIY projects that are ideal for every home.

Our helpful little guide will make it easy for you to organize your kitchen, which is sure to become your new favorite hobby.

  • Organize your spice cabinet using these.

kitchen organization hacks

Some people even think that cleaning up your kitchen is therapeutic because it’s so relaxing and pleasant. Furthermore, who doesn’t adore a modern kitchen? Everything will be easily accessible, well-organized, large, and clean in addition to being close at hand.

We are continuously on the hunt for the newest DIY kitchen organizing ideas, whether it be a pretty little pantry recessed shelves like ours or a useful spice drawer.

Laura from Inspiration for Moms has the cutest little spice cabinet that takes care of all the headaches associated with locating spices.

Put the spices in alphabetical order, which is her simple yet effective advice. Similarly, or starting with the most frequently used, you can arrange yours. You’ll spend less time searching for them and find them much more quickly this way.

The only thing you’ll require is a small wooden shelf set inside a chosen sliding drawer. Shelves made of wood are safer from corrosion and rust and easier to clean. You’ll be ready to stock it with your miniature bottles in no time if you adjust the shelf’s dimensions to meet your available area.

The vital scents of freshly ground spices are preserved in her use of lovely glass jars with charming bamboo caps. You can purchase several bottles, personalize them in various ways, and affix labels to facilitate rapid identification.

Launch right away!

  • Construct Drawer Pantry Shelves

kitchen organization hacks

Our pantry shelves with drawers are built-in and we adore them! They’re an excellent place to start looking at DIY kitchen organization hacks because they’re inexpensive and multifunctional.

When testing out new kitchen organization concepts, we advise starting with what you already have. Utilizing and upcycling the furniture you already own should always be your primary concern while making something, whether it be to try some DIY pantry hacks or something else. You can also create your own from scratch, so don’t let the lack of something that needs to be reused deter you!

You’ll discover that it’s absolutely worth the effort to build our pantry shelves with drawers, which are very straightforward. The drawers in our hack double as shelves, which is a fantastic way to save space. Additionally, they produce an effortless, open, uncluttered image.

We constructed our own pantry shelves using birch plywood from scratch in only one weekend at a cost of $75. Any wood species that you choose may be used.

  • On the cabinet door, keep your measuring cups.

kitchen organization hacks

When learning about DIY kitchen organization techniques, you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Do-it-yourself, simple and direct The classic, Pinterest-inspired Dollar Tree kitchen hack is explained on Danielle’s blog. The beautiful little illustrated instruction that is included with it makes it a useful place to store your measuring cups and spoons.

Utilizing the stick-on hangers makes it simple to hang your measuring cups and guarantees that all of your ingredients and equipment are in the same location. A smart technique to make the most of wall space is by using them.

Utilize removable vinyl for future assistance and be sure to plan out the placement. You won’t find a quicker hack anywhere, and it easily fits into a large kitchen drawer.

  • Construct An Additional “Toekick” Drawer

kitchen organization hacks

We absolutely appreciate the idea of extra toe-kick drawers, which is in style right now. At the base of your cabinets, they cleverly and covertly generate the ideal amount of sliding room. This is a handy DIY kitchen organization tip to keep at the ready.

Install small drawers in the toe-kick area, which is typically disregarded and closed off. Build your own small drawers by calculating the space you have available.

You may construct them in as little as two days, and you’ll have extra storage space, which is greatly required. Drawer gliders can be made out of scrap wood. Cake molds and other items can all be stored.

This inexpensive, easy-to-make kitchen storage hack has practically infinite potential and is both convenient and efficient!

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  • Transform A Desk Area Into A Cabinet

kitchen organization hacks

It works anywhere, not just in the kitchen, which makes this DIY organization idea a wonderful way to add storage. We promise you’ll adore the outcomes if you utilize this hack on any spare space in your house.

Our kitchen had a desk area that begged to be redesigned when we discovered it. We debated turning it into a kitchen cabinet to house the several pots and pans we had sitting around but ultimately decided against it.

The cabinet was simply installed beneath the counter after measuring the available space. You can choose to make your own cabinet doors, but we decided to order them for this DIY kitchen organization tip.

You can opt to alter the measurements as you see fit, but the blueprint is essentially the same as that of a typical cabinet. In order to have enough shelf space for our cabinet, we constructed an additional division.

New cabinets that you can utilize whatever you like are available for less than $100.

  • Designate & Organize A Baking Cabinet

kitchen organization hacks

Customizing our environments is something we adore doing. Everything comes together to make the DIY of our dreams, from vivid colors and attractive walls to small souvenirs. One such DIY that’s both practical and gorgeous is this baking cabinet!

Choose a cabinet to store all of your baking ingredients in first. Gather all of your baking supplies and equipment, then tidy up the area. For your various sugars and powders, now is the time to scale up and get new containers; stackable ones work excellently.

Get creative next by acquiring craft paper, adorable hangers, and labels.

Amber Oliver starts by fastening delicate corkboard tiles to the insides of the doors. You can then collect recipes and baking notes for subsequent use in this manner. Even your measuring spoons can be hung for convenience on hangers fastened to the tiles.

Prepare the inside of the shelves by lining them with your preferred craft paper and spray-on strong glue. Yours can be any style you desire, though she uses a charming pastel yellow print.

And there you have it! Just set your containers with fresh labels in their proper locations. You can start baking now!

You can give your kitchen the best makeover with the smallest amount of work! For more info, go here.

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  • Simply Organized Freezer

kitchen organization hacks

When rushing through a meal, who hasn’t lost food from the freezer?

In between the pyramids of frozen food, the saddest part is when we forget what we already have and unintentionally throw things away. We can prevent this by utilizing a straightforward organisation suggestion from Budget 101 for our freezer.

For larger food varieties, buy transparent tubs and containers. If you store meats, soups, curries, and other foods frequently, label such items first. To keep your freezer from making your labels mushy, think about laminating them. They are also easier to wash because of it.

Your meals should be divided into individual containers, frozen after being portioned out as described below, and stored. Just defrost now, then utilize as needed.

You can assure you never again lose track of what’s in your freezer by using this easy DIY kitchen storage tip!

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  • Store Items In The Space Between The Fridges.

Due to their infamously poor storage capabilities, spices are frequently crammed in between other products and left dispersed across the kitchen in various cupboards. Sadly, this means that every time you intend to create something, you’ll have to turn your kitchen upside down in quest of that bottle of paprika or herb seasoning!

Particularly if you have little storage space, to begin with, this DIY pantry hack is the answer to all your troubles. Our homes have a lot of unused space, and with this innovative kitchen organization idea, you’ll see that every nook and cranny is ripe for a special DIY project.

We chose to utilize the tiny vertical space between the wall and our refrigerator after evaluating our kitchen space. We chose to build our own pull-out spice rack from scratch because it looked feasible in this location.

Initially, we constructed two independent, straightforward shelf units out of waste wood and fastened them with a hardboard backing. After that, for improved organization, we created some compartments.

We built the cabinets, added wood trim to secure the spices, and hung one shelf on top of the other. We also added handles to the front to make it easier to pull them out and strengthened them with drawer slides.

You won’t even break a sweat while doing this DIY.

You can use our guide to help you plan the resources you will need and walk you through the entire procedure. You can have pull-out hidden refrigerator space for less than $75!

  • An easy DIY mail organizer

Making this hanging DIY mail organizer is simple enough for someone who isn’t skilled in sewing, and by giving your mail a home, you’ll never have to worry about it getting misplaced again. Any place that uses it gains order from its efficiency and practicality, but the kitchen benefits most.

A detailed tutorial for creating your own wall-mounted organiser can be found on the Craftsy Hack blog. This tiny craft is unquestionably a success because it has distinct sections and enough of space to hold your letters and invoices.

Just a canvas, some printed fabric, some cardboard, and some pins are required. The alternative is to sew it by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. Sort your mail by kind or urgency by adding more compartments. It can be used anyway you see fit and placed wherever you like.

Following this kitchen organizing advice will be simple thanks to the comprehensive list of supplies needed and the similarly thorough description of the procedure!

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  • Use your own homemade pantry labels to coordinate

kitchen organization hacks

Every home has a pressing need for coordinated pantry labels. Any organized task around the house, not just in the kitchen, benefits from labels.

They not only make searching for things take less time, but they also give the action a nice, appealing appearance. Organize the labels by designing unique types of labels for various groupings of things to maximize your organization.

The blog of Home Made Lovely describes many label types, as well as where and how to obtain them. It will give you the motivation you require to finally organise your kitchen’s chaos in a creative and enjoyable manner.

To make trying it out even simpler, she also offers free printable labels that you may use. Simple print, cut, and paste. The design of your kitchen will be entirely altered by these labels!

  • Create Additional Storage with an Old CD Tower

We’re particularly pleased with this CD tower pantry shelf because it’s one of our all-time favorite DIY projects for kitchen organizing.

This DIY kitchen organization hack makes the coolest use possible of previously-used furniture, which is a brilliant use of space (if we do say so ourselves)!

We were curious as to what we could do with an exceptionally huge wall in our new house. Everything then suddenly started to make sense. Simply cutting a hole in the drywall allowed us to insert our broken CD tower. Not even building new shelves was necessary.

It’s an easy DIY project that hardly needs any time at all. If you have the appropriate power tools, like a jab saw and pocket hole jig, you can finish the project with little to no expense.

When it comes to DIY kitchen organization hacks, there are several different tasks you may undertake. Pick one, pick two, or pick all of them! Start your DIY experiments right away, and in a few imaginative steps, you’ll be admiring a completely revamped and arranged kitchen.

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