Refrigerator Organization Hacks: 18 Most Useful Refrigerator Organization Hacks in 2022!

Do you frequently have to throw food out because your refrigerator is a mess? It can be challenging to maintain control over everything in the refrigerator.

I decided to share some of my favorite fridge organization tips today. You’ll avoid a few headaches with them!

1 Ball Glass Jars are Great for Fresh Produce Storage

refrigerator organization hacksOnce the season arrives, there is nothing better than preserving the fresh veggies from your area in glass jars. Because they are tightly sealed, they will remain good for longer.

Your herbs will last for up to 3 weeks if you store them in the jars with a tiny bit of water. Another thing that can motivate you to prepare healthy meals every day is seeing the veggies and other fresh products through the glass jar.

We frequently remember to eat when the food is directly in front of us. So using jars to preserve food for longer periods of time is undoubtedly a good idea.

2. Multi-Purpose Bins Will Save Your Freezer

Get these organizer tray bins to split off your freezer. Maintain separate containers for your meats, frozen fruits, and vegetables, as well as your breakfast.

The mess in your freezer will decrease. When you go shopping, it will also be a lot simpler to check what you need to get.

Every freezer drawer can occasionally become so disorganized that you are unable to even identify the contents.

3. Use binder clips to keep bottles organized.

refrigerator organization hacks

It can be challenging to stack your bottles in the refrigerator since they keep sliding around. However, a binder clip makes it simple to do that.

Simply secure it with a clip on the wire and stack it next to your bottles. They’ll remain completely arranged!

4. A Turntable Will Keep Your Sauces Organized

refrigerator organization hacks

You won’t have to get frustrated every time you need to reach for a certain sauce if you have a turntable. That might become a problem if your refrigerator is overflowing!

5. Drink Dispenser Will Change Your Life

refrigerator organization hacks

Get your own refrigerator beverage dispenser and put your natural juice in it. One in the refrigerator is quite useful since it keeps the juice cool.

6. Magnetic Tins for Your Fridge

refrigerator organization hacks

Utilize magnetic containers to store your nuts and other dry goods. Jen from Tatertots & Jello came up with this fantastic concept.

Create your own magnetic tins and affix them to the fridge’s exterior. Therefore, you are no longer limited to storing food within your refrigerator.

Simple is labor-intensive at first but beautiful in the end!

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7. Labels Will Keep You Sane

refrigerator organization hacks

How many times have you organized your refrigerator only to have someone else screw it up? Create your own colored labels so that everyone in the family knows what goes where.

You can fasten them to your baskets or even your jars.

8. A Ziploc Bag Slide-Out Holder

refrigerator organization hacksHow many times have you purchased cheese just to lose it in the refrigerator and discover it a few weeks later? That repeatedly occurred to me, and it’s very much the worst way to throw away stuff you enjoy.

Using this tiny slide-out holder to store and organize your Ziploc bags is a brilliant idea. Simply keep your cheeses and other goods in the bags and arrange them according to their expiration dates.

Simply pull them out, grab what you want to eat, and then press them back in. Simple and highly effective!

9. Use magazine holders to divide your freezer.

refrigerator organization hacksIt can be difficult to stack all the food in your freezer if it doesn’t have drawers. Therefore, you can split your freezer shelves with a magazine holder.

You’ll feel a little more in control and have more room for eating as a result. This entails that you may stock up on more fresh food while it’s in season and freeze it for later!

A more streamlined freezer practically guarantees a healthier diet!

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10. The Use of Bottle Stabilizers

refrigerator organization hacks

These stabilizers are wonderful for keeping your white wine bottles upright if you’re the type of gal who like storing them in the refrigerator.

If you struggle to stack your bottles, you should definitely try this easy and affordable invention.

11. To keep your refrigerator clean, use plastic wrap.

refrigerator organization hacks

It can take a while to clean your refrigerator. Additionally, you should always clean everything completely to prevent bacteria from building up.

Using plastic wrap is the best method to save time and hassle yourself. Before putting food in the refrigerator, wrap all the shelves.

It will be considerably simpler to clean the following time around as a result.

12. Baskets are the Best!

You’re missing out if you’ve never used a basket to arrange your food. They have the advantage that you can merely toss everything in one location without worrying about anything.

Additionally, you may simply remove them when you need something from the refrigerator. They provide a simple solution to maintain food type-based organisation.

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13. Using sealable bags will prevent food waste

refrigerator organization hacks

Food may be kept fresh for a long time in sealable bags. However, they also provide you the discretion to keep things organized.

If you can only stack these sealable bags, keeping your freezer tidy will be a lot simpler. They are also fantastic for freezing cooked items and meal preparation!

14. Use Sealable Containers for Meal Prepping

refrigerator organization hacks

Do you enjoy preparing meals? Purchase quality sealable containers here, such as these.

Sort them into stacks based on their size and form. Use labels if necessary to identify what is where.

It’s a straightforward concept, but if you want to feel a little bit more organized, it’s worth giving a shot. Also, these containers can come in handy if you wish to start eating healthier this year!

15. Use Free Editable Labels

The age of the food may be easily tracked thanks to labels. Therefore, you can quickly rotate the refrigerator and prevent waste.

You can also always make the mixture for a dish that you might want to test the following day. You can do that with ease and leave the decision to your family.

Everything that is useful, including the nutritional facts, can be printed on the labels. Fun times with them!

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16. Can Organizers be Amazing

As a result, you can utilize vertical space rather than horizontal space by using this organizer. It’s quite easy, quite practical, and will make some room for other, more crucial things, like food.

17. Stack Your Plates with a Corner Shelf

refrigerator organization hacks

Get this corner shelf to organize your leftovers or dishes. You no longer have to be concerned about having room in the fridge whenever you create a cake.

You can always stack the plates up and use that vertical space if you haven’t finished your meal. Ultimately, it will assist you in wasting less food.

18. Hang your snacks with hangers.

refrigerator organization hacks

Try using hooks to keep your snacks organized if you want to make sure they stay in the bags and are simple to discover.

Additionally, they let you utilize vertical space, allowing you to stock more products on the shelves. Overall, a very intriguing method for maintaining organization in your freezer!

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