Window Hacks? Know About 9 Awesome Window Hacks in 2022!

Given how many people use Microsoft Windows in all of its incarnations globally, it may not come as a surprise that there are numerous tips, techniques, and hacks that you may not be aware of.

There are countless queries about how to make Windows use more efficient, including how to insert a checkbox in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs(opens in a new tab), how to insert a tick or a cross symbol in Microsoft Word or Excel(opens in new tab), and how to start page numbering from a specific page in Microsoft Word(opens in new tab).

If you have Windows 7, in particular, we’ve covered 11 great tips and tricks(opens in new tab) to employ to give that OS a boost. Below, we’ve highlighted nine of our finest hacks and tricks to make Windows function better for you.

1. Shake the window to minimize

One of our favorites is this. Try shaking a window after you click and move it to see how it feels. The other windows you have open will all be immediately minimized, leaving you with a workspace devoid of clutter.

2. How to easily delete browser history

Try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del to clear your browsing history without having to search through your browser’s settings. You’ll be taken right to the menu with that!

3. Highlight the address bar

awesome Windows hacks

When it comes to browsers, have you ever tried to copy or remove a lengthy URL by selecting it in the address bar? Why even try? Instead, simply press F6, and the URL will be highlighted. Magic.

4. Forget Ctrl + Alt + Del

Most users will immediately launch the task manager once their computer crashes by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. To open the task manager immediately, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc as an alternative. After all, the less steps there are in the process while your computer is crashing, the better.

Of course, you can launch the task manager by right-clicking on the task bar, but this approach feels a little more deceptive.

5.God mode

The Windows Master Control Panel, sometimes known as “God Mode,” is a shortcut to open every control panel in the operating system from a single folder. Make a new folder on your desktop (or elsewhere) and rename it to: To create such a shortcut,


The “GodMode” portion can be changed, but the remainder must remain the same. The icon will change after you rename it, and you’ll have access to all of Windows’ most potent capabilities.

6. Using the command line to enter file names

The most frustrating part of trying to run a file after DOS has been opened is having to type out the entire file directory: C: Pictures/Libraries, etc.

If you drag the file into the command prompt directly, the application will enter it for you instead. Simple!

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7. Go directly to the desktop

awesome Windows hacks Do you remember when Windows had a taskbar icon for “Show desktop”? Now, though, it is unnecessary since you can simply press Win + D. In case you’re unaware, the Win button is located between the left Ctrl and Alt buttons. It has an icon of a waving Windows flag.

8. Rename many files at once

Select all of the files you wish to assign the same name to at once, then press F2. To avoid confusion, Windows will also append a (1) or a (2) to the end of each file name.

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9. Quickly lock the computer

It’s a good idea to develop the habit of hitting Win + L each time you leave your desktop alone if you’re leaving your laptop open around pals who might change your Facebook information for fun or if you simply want to boost security on your PC.

Your computer will then return to its lock screen, requiring your password for anyone who wants to publish embarrassing status updates. It does, however, keep all of your windows and documents open, unlike logging out.

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