Chleb Ravenell Couldn’t Watch Kathryn Dennis’s Onscreen Breakup: “Too Emotional”

Following his breakup with Kathryn Dennis, Chleb Ravenell stopped watching Southern Charm.

“I was unable to watch. I found it to be very emotional. I won’t even try to lie “He revealed his on-screen split with the reality star to Entertainment Tonight, which aired last week.

“At the moment, that actually kind of crushed my heart. Since I wanted to make things work, I tried literally everything to get back together with her.”

Dennis, 30, and Ravenell, 32, broke up while she was engaged in a bitter custody dispute with her former Thomas Ravenel. The now-ex-couples had a tearful chat about how their needs weren’t being satisfied in the relationship throughout the show.

Kathryn Dennis's Ex Chleb Ravenell 'Couldn't Watch' Their BreakupDennis said to Ravenell, “I’ve got a lot going on and I feel like you lack empathy for what I’m going through.

You don’t give a damn about how I feel, he answered. “I’m really trying to make it work,” she said.

Before the two officially broke up, Dennis refuted that Chleb came across as “emotionally unavailable.”

After their breakup, Ravenell acknowledged he and Dennis aren’t always on speaking terms. “We’ve been through anything we’ve been through, to be honest with you. I wish her the best “ET heard him say.

“We don’t actually talk anymore, her and I. Although I don’t feel particularly sorry for her or anything like that, I just want the best for her. I hope the next guy she dates can give her the affection she needs if she moves on and meets someone else.”

Kathryn Dennis's Ex Chleb Ravenell 'Couldn't Watch' Their BreakupRavenell expressed his eagerness to apply the lessons he has learned through his interactions with Dennis elsewhere. “Our mutual learning helped us grow.

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Moving forward, we’ll apply the lessons we learned from that partnership “Added him. And we’re going to apply that to another relationship and work to improve ourselves as people.

Bravo broadcasts Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET with Southern Charm.

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