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Bryan Greenberg’s Wife Jamie Chung Shares Photos of Him Recovering in The Hospital After an Appendicitis!

Bryan Greenberg’s recovery in the hospital is being attended to by Jamie Chung after the actor revealed he suffered appendicitis.

The actress, 39, shared a video on Instagram on Saturday that gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into her visit with Greenberg, 44.

sharing the video, which is set to the Married with Children theme “Marriage and Love,” Chung wrote: “MARRIAGE:

Bring your husband clean clothing and soup while he is recuperating in the hospital. journey on a ferry to the hospital. Here I come, ready [or not] @bryangreenberg!”

She took pictures on the ferry, then a video of Chung pointing to windows in the hospital, where Greenberg was stationed, and finally a video from Greenberg’s perspective showing Chung on the ship.

Jamie Chung Shares Photos of Husband Bryan Greenberg Recovering in Hospital After AppendicitisIn the footage, we catch a glimpse of Greenberg strolling through the hospital’s corridors while swaddled in a blanket.

Another scene in the Reel depicts her getting ready to take a nap in his bed and Chung writes, “MARRIAGE: Letting your wife sleep in your bed since she’s exhausted after the voyage.”

The Lovecraft Country actress hinted that the couple planned to stay at the opulent Anguilla property by writing, “We should be @belmondcapjuluca on a beach eating lunch.”

“Instead, @bryangreenberg is only allowed to consume liquids, she explained. At least he is secure and recovering.”

“Marriage and love. Bryan is recovering despite the jokes!” Chung wrote the post’s caption.

For his part, Greenberg shared an Instagram Story of himself exploring the hospital. He wrote, “Working laps.” “looking for a racing partner. This smoke is not wanted.”

A Chung representative did not immediately answer the request for a response from PEOPLE.

Last year, Chung and Greenberg, married in 2015, received a set of twins as their first children. In October, they commemorated their sixth wedding anniversary.

Chung recently told PEOPLE that she is savoring her expanding family’s “small moments.” She said, “I do believe that this time does go by rather rapidly and it is unfortunate, these months went by.

Jamie Chung Shares Photos of Husband Bryan Greenberg Recovering in Hospital After AppendicitisAccording to Chung, the children are content and sleep well after a walk outdoors. “It feels like a peaceful moment.”

Last month, Chung opened up about the difficulties of juggling motherhood with her demanding acting career in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

“It’s challenging. All hands must be on deck “Chung remarked. “You need at least three adults to make it work, especially if you have twins. to complete all of your work-related tasks.”

She went on, “It’s difficult for my boyfriend to manage two kids on his own when I’m giving myself an audition or attending a conference. Therefore, having that extra assistance is much more beneficial. As a result, extensive preparation and logistics are needed.”

The couple has had to learn to make time for their own relationship as new parents.

The Big Hero 6 actress said, “We try to plan a date night. “The kids are on a really good routine now that they are sleeping through the night. Therefore, they are in bed by 7:00 p.m. “Okay, we’ll contact the sitter,” we say. Everything is ready to go. As for our night out, we’re going to eat dinner and see a movie.”

“But the curfew is still in effect. Because we’re on, we still have to get to bed by 10:00 or 11:00 at the latest “Added her. The sitter leaves, and at 5:56 in the morning, we start working.

Despite the early mornings, the couple has enjoyed being parents. Particularly for Chung, it has helped her understand “how essential family is.”

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“We must have been completely overwhelmed by twins. So many members of our family and friends were eager to pitch in and lighten our load a little, “She spoke. “That was such a sweet gift, in my opinion. However, it also in some ways brought our families together, which I thought was very nice and neat.”


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