Beyoncé Demanded a Redo of Austin Powers Poster After It Was Made to Look Too Skinny!

Beyoncé’s portrayal of the fearless and alluring Foxxy Cleopatra in the movie Goldmember marks 20 years of Austin Powers.

Beyoncé, 40, reportedly requested that the movie’s poster be altered since she didn’t seem like herself, according to makeup artist Kate Biscoe, who was speaking with Vulture about the background of the “Break My Soul” singer’s appearance in the 2002 comedy starring Mike Myers.

“You made me too slim, she complains. I can’t do that,” “Biscoe informed the media source. “She next performed this hourglass shape. He then responded, “Okay, let’s solve it.” I asked him with a smirk,

“Is that the first time you’ve ever had an actress beg to make her body bigger?” as she left to do the role. He responded, “Yes.” Although it will cost me thousands of dollars, I still plan to do it.”

Beyoncé’s agents declined to comment.

Beyoncé Had Austin Powers Poster Redone After She Appeared 'Too Skinny' The “Single Ladies” singer’s second significant film appearance was in Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third entry in the well-liked Austin Powers series; she also acted in the made-for-TV film Carmen: A Hip Hopera in 2001.

She later went on to star in a few other big-screen productions, such as Obsessed with Idris Elba, Dreamgirls, The Pink Panther, and Cadillac Records. She also provided the voice of Nala for the live-action Lion King movie.

Beyoncé shocked her fans last month when she unveiled the cover art for her eagerly awaited seventh studio album Renaissance, which is scheduled for release on July 29.

“In a scary time for the world, making this record gave me a space to escape and dream. In a time when not much else was moving, it gave me the freedom and adventure I needed “In a post to Instagram, the Lemonade musician. “My goal was to establish a secure environment free from bias. a location where overthinking and perfectionism are not allowed.”

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She went on, “a place where one can yell, let off steam, and experience liberation. It was a lovely exploring adventure. I sincerely hope you enjoy this music. I’m hoping it motivates you to let go of the jiggle. Ha! And to feel as special, powerful, and alluring as you are.”

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