How to Download HBO Max Movies and Shows for Offline Viewing in 2022

HBO Max has a lot of WarnerMedia blockbuster movies and hit series to watch, as well as a lot of native apps that support almost all of the current popular devices and platforms, ensuring that everyone is satisfied.

However, you may find yourself in a scenario where you need to watch content offline for a variety of reasons, so keep reading to learn how to download HBO Max movies and series to your devices for offline viewing.

We don’t always have access to the internet to stream information to our devices, which is most common when traveling or commuting.

This function is also quite beneficial when going to areas where HBO Max is not available since we can download the content we want before we leave and have it on our devices.

Downloading HBO Max Movies and Shows Requirements

Not all HBO Max members have access to the downloading feature, and not all series and movies are accessible for download. To download something, you’ll need the following:

You must have an internet connection on your mobile device.

The ad-free option requires a membership.

Install the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet.

Next to the content, you wish to watch offline, look for the download icon.

Make sure you’re in a country that offers HBO Max.

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How to Download HBO Max Content and Watch It Offline

If you haven’t already, sign up for HBO Max. Only the Ad-Free plan allows for downloads, therefore choose this option.

Make sure your phone or tablet is online, then launch the HBO Max app and log in.

We recommend using Wi-Fi because downloading is limited to Wi-Fi by default (to modify this and use the device’s data, hit Profile icon > Settings > Video Options).

Check to see if the episode or movie you wish to download contains the Download symbol (arrow pointing down).

When you start watching, you can adjust your audio and subtitle settings, but keep in mind that some series and movies may require you to select a language before downloading.

It’s now time to start the download process by tapping the Download symbol.

If you wish to halt and resume downloading, hit the circular icon that shows the download progress. You can also select Downloads from the Profile menu.

Downloaded HBO Max movies and series will not be saved to an SD card. They are, however, stored on your device’s internal storage, which can only be accessed via the HBO Max app.

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What happened to my downloads? – How to Download HBO Max Shows or Movies

Here’s how to find and watch your HBO Max downloads after you’ve downloaded the content using the techniques outlined above:

Open the HBO Max app on your device.

On phones, tap the Profile icon on the bottom edge, and on tablets, tap the Profile icon on the left edge.

After that, tap Downloads to see your list.

To watch something from the list, hit the Play symbol (triangle) next to the title you want to view.

On a single account, you can have up to 30 downloads (expired titles are excluded) and up to five copies of the same episode or movie across all profiles and devices.

When you start watching a downloaded title, though, the site offers you 48 hours to finish it before it expires. If you remove a downloaded title from the HBO Max service, it will expire.

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You can, however, renew (many times) or erase the download if the content is still available on the streaming platform. Check your Downloads list to determine if the content you wish to watch offline is available.

To renew a download, follow these steps:

To access your downloads, go to Profile > Downloads.

On your expired title, tap the! icon (exclamation mark).

Then select Renew (of course, your device needs to be connected to the internet to perform this action).

To remove a download, follow these steps:

Select Downloads from the Profile icon.

To delete a download, go to Edit and tap the X next to it (or tap Clear all to delete all of your downloads).

To exit, tap Done.

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