Flex Box Xfinity: A GUIDE TO THE 4K STREAMING BOX in 2022!

Streaming is the name of the game in today’s culture when it comes to entertainment. What was once a small number of options has grown into an overwhelming number of streaming platforms that appear to cater to every type of consumer.

Modern consumers have a seemingly unlimited amount of entertainment alternatives to select from, whether it’s a top-tier service like Netflix or Hulu or a comparatively smaller platform like Curiosity Stream, Crackle, or Tubi.

It goes without saying that various streaming gadgets have been embroiled in a tight rivalry to supply these streaming platforms.

When it comes to products, Apple’s line of Apple TV products, as well as Roku’s lineup of powerful devices, rank near the top.

Several companies are vying for a piece of the streaming pie. Xfinity is no exception, with Xfinity Flex presenting itself as a credible contender in a sea of streaming gadgets.

But, exactly, what is Xfinity Flex? What does it stand out from other streaming devices such as Roku and Apple TV? To find out, we dug into Xfinity’s main streaming gadget.

What is Xfinity Flex, and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Xfinity Flex is a streaming box similar to Amazon Fire TV and Roku Ultra. It supports 4K playback, comes with an Xfinity Voice Remote for hands-free voice control, and works with almost any TV or display that has an HDMI input.

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, Spotify, and other major streaming services are all supported by the box. Basically, it checks all of the boxes that you’d expect from a capable streaming device.

What is the price of Xfinity Flex?

This is where Xfinity Flex really shines. You don’t have to pay anything for the box (at least the first one). The caveat is that Xfinity Flex is only compatible with your Xfinity Internet service and is bundled with it.

An Xfinity Flex streaming box will be included with every Xfinity bundle, ranging from 50Mbps to 1,200Mbps. So, while the box is free, you’ll still have to pay for your Xfinity internet service on a regular basis.

Another potential snag is if you love your Xfinity Flex so much that you decide to get another. Your monthly cost will increase by $5 for each extra Xfinity Flex.

You could very well equip your entire home with Xfinity streaming boxes if you so desired. Just be aware of the additional charges that will result as result.

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What kind of programming can you get with Xfinity Flex?

All of the major streaming services are supported by Xfinity Flex. The Xfinity Flex can help you meet your streaming goals, whether you’re looking for a Marvel Studios series on Disney+ or a straight-to-streaming box office success on HBO Max.

The box also supports a number of free apps, including Cheddar News, XUMO, Pluto, Tubi, and ESPN3.

Furthermore, all Xfinity Flex users will receive a complimentary Peacock Premium subscription. If watching repeats of The Office appeals to you, this is a compelling and cost-free option to do it.

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What is Xfinity Flex and how do I set it up?

Setting up an Xfinity Flex is a relatively simple task once you’ve completed the process of activating your Xfinity internet connection. A power cord, HDMI cable, voice control, and a Getting Started handbook are included in the device’s Getting Started Kit.

To begin, connect your TV to the Xfinity Flex via HDMI, then turn on your television and select the appropriate input. The Xfinity Flex can then be connected to power and the onscreen setup can begin.

The device will ask you to choose a language if you want to keep using the Voice Guidance feature, which will voice activation instructions to you directly, and then attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi automatically.

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After you’ve established a Wi-Fi connection, the Xfinity Flex will prompt you to authenticate your account by entering the last four digits of any phone number associated with your Xfinity account.

Beyond that, the Xfinity Flex will walk you through selecting a device name, optimizing audio playback for surround sound, and configuring the device’s voice remote to control the power and volume of your TV.

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