How to use TikTok’s inverted filter? Explained

TikTok’s filters have proven to be an important aspect of the platform’s generation of new trends time and time again. Countless challenges on the app have started with a filter, whether it’s users trying out purposely odd effects or using a very typical filter in a unique way.

The inverted filter does exactly what it says on the tin. The effect will flip the image on the screen so that it is the opposite way around, and while it is a simple effect, it has been used to great effect.

tiktok inverted filter

People checking to see if their face is symmetrical or not is a trend that continues to gain traction, resulting in some amusing reaction videos.

However, the latest fad is for TikTok fans to lip-sync to Olivia Rodrigo’s new song ‘Deja Vu.’ Olivia’s power ballad ‘Drivers License,’ which was published in 2020, became wildly viral, sparking multiple TikTok trends.

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Fans were quick to embrace her new tune, which was released in early April, and created the Deja Vu challenge by combining it with the inverted filter.

Those that follow the trend sit in the same position and at the same height as a friend. They tap the screen as quickly as they can to make the screen flip between inverted and not inverted while lip-syncing to the song and making slow head movements at the same time.

tiktok inverted filter

How to use the inverted filter for the Deja Vu TikTok challenge

It’s easy to join in on the Deja Vu craze.

  1. To access the filter, open TikTok and search for ‘inverted’ on the discovery page.
  2. Then press the camera button after tapping the effect.
  3. To reverse the video, tap the screen.

If you want to join the Deja Vu craze, you’ll need to take the steps below.

  1. To add the song, go to the editor’s’sounds’ section and search for ‘Deja Vu.’
  2. Sit next to your pal at roughly the same height.
  3. Rapidly tap the screen to add and remove the inverted filter while you lip-sync to the song and follow the trend’s head motions.

On TikTok, this craze has gone wildly widespread, with some of the app’s greatest stars even joining in on the fun.

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