Raymond Santana’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does Raymond Santana Have?

In addition to his work as a businessman, entrepreneur, and fashion designer, Raymond Santana is also a social activist. As a member of the Central Park Five, he is most known for his role in the tragedy that occurred there in 1989. After being falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for five years, Raymond was released from jail. He was shown as a reel character in the Netflix miniseries “Whey They See Us” in 2019. Raymond Santana is expected to have a net worth of $5 million by the year 2022.

Who is Raymond Santana?


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 One of the most well-known producers is Raymond Santana, who was born Raymond Santana. The American businessman and producer, Raymond Santana, also goes by the name “Santana.” Raymond Santana is a wonderful Englishman. Raymond is a household name due to the Central Part Five event. They were all sentenced to life in prison for raping and murdering a woman in Central Part 5, but the truth is that none of them were involved in the crime. The 2019 Netflix mini-series “Whey They See Us” told his life narrative in the form of a reel. Around $5 million will be Raymond Santana’s wealth in 2022.

Continue reading to learn more about Raymond Santana. For instance, what are his earnings, current net worth, height, and age? Interested in learning about his life story, including his family background (such as his wife and children), professional career, professional life, family relationships (such as his mother, father, or siblings), as well as his age and height, then you’ll want to stick around for all of the fascinating details.

Central Park Incident


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 When a woman jogger was robbed and sexually assaulted in 1989, five teenagers were arrested and charged with the crime. When Raymond was found guilty of rape, the judge sentenced him to five years in jail. “When They See Us” is a Netflix miniseries that tells the actual narrative of his life.

Raymond Santana and the other Central Park Five youths were awarded state compensation in 2014. In exchange for serving seven years in jail and receiving $7.125 million as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, and Raymond Santana Jr. were released after serving nearly half that time. He would get $12.25 million for his service of roughly 13 years, Kharey Wise

Early life


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 He was born on September 7 in Atlanta, Georgia on the United States of America’s east coast as Raymond Santana. For the most part, we don’t know much about his childhood. Bronx Preparatory High School, where he finished high school in 2017, was his last stop before graduating.

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Raymond Santana Net Worth & Career

Four of Raymond’s pals, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, and Korey Wise, were also arrested in the infamous Central Park joggers rape case when they were all 14 years old. The horrific assault and rape of New York City jogger Trisha Ellen Meili led to his conviction.

After the second trial in New York City, Raymond and four of his companions were sentenced to between five and fifteen years in jail each. Matias Reyes, a serial rapist, confessed to the rape and murder of jogger Trisha in Central Park and was sentenced to life in prison.

On December 19, 2002, Raymond and four of his buddies had their convictions reversed. In this case, the Manhattan District Attorney’s proposal was followed through on by the decision-maker. Raymond was imprisoned for five years because of a police inquiry that went awry.


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 The city of New York was sued by him after his release from jail for his treatment, malicious prosecution, and for racial discrimination. However, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City declined to settle the claims at the time. By not making a judgment, Bloomberg was certain that New York City’s attorneys would easily prevail against the five on the court.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected in 2014, becoming the city’s first openly gay mayor. He agreed to a settlement with five men and paid them a total of $41 million in damages. This was followed by a $52 million lawsuit by Raymond and his four companions against the state of New York. Although they won $3.9 million in 2016 as a settlement,

A few months after being released from jail, Raymond was attempting to resume his old routines. He made an effort to put the past behind him and go back to a more normal state of affairs. However, it wasn’t as simple as first thought. In 2015, he set up the apparel business Park Madison NYC, which he has since sold. After launching the firm, he went on to pursue a career in fashion design, which he had previously missed owing to bogus rape claims.

Age, Height, and Weight


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 As of the year 2022, Raymond Santana’s age was 46. He stands at a height of 5’10” He weighs roughly 79 kilograms (176 pounds).

Raymond Santana Personal Life

Deelishis, a star of Flavor of Love 2, is married to Raymond’s brother, Raymond Santana. In 2020, he will marry her and they will exchange their wedding vows. After a six-month engagement, the pair married in December of this year. It was the second time he had wed. At one point in his past, he was married to Nekesta Samone Shelton, his long-term lover. Raymond and his ex-wife Nekesta even had a kid together, Melia Symone.

Raymond Santana Net Worth


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 Until the year 2022, Raymond Santana’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Because of his successful business enterprise, his net worth was enormous. Also in 2016, Raymond was awarded $500,000 by the New York State Court of Claims as part of a settlement agreement.

After all of that, he must be earning a good living from his company and job. In addition, he was awarded a sizable sum as restitution for his clients’ financial harm and emotional distress as a result of successful litigation. In spite of this, he declared that he had made a sizable profit from his efforts. In other words, he’s worth roughly $5 million, based on current market values.

He has a number of verified and personal social media profiles. His Instagram account is @santanaraymond, and he has 415k followers. He doesn’t seem to be on Facebook at all. His Twitter account, though, is @santanaraymond, and it now boasts a following of 32.1k people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Raymond Santana is so famous?

On September 7, 1974, Raymond Santana was born. In the United States, he was born in the metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a well-known American entrepreneur. He attended Bronx Preparatory High School in 2017 for his studies. A wealthy businessman, Raymond has his own corporation.

Who is the daughter of Raymond Santana?

Nekesta Samone Shelton and Raymond Santana had a daughter together. Melia Symone is Raymond Santana’s daughter.

Who is the Ex-Wife Raymond Santana?

Nekesta Samone Shelton was the ex-wife of Raymond Santana. She has one child with Raymond Santana. She is in a long-term relationship.

What Is Raymond Santana’s Net Worth?

Raymond Santana is a well-known American entrepreneur and producer. He has a fortune of $5 million in the bank.

Who old is Raymond Santana?

Raymond Santana’s age is 46 years old. As of 2022, he is 46 years of age. Born on the 7th of September 1974 in Atlanta, he is an American.

How long was Raymond Santana in jail?

Raymond Santana served five years in prison. Raymond Santana was imprisoned for five years after being convicted of rape.

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